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Why Am I Single?

Two Reasons

I have two reasons “why” I’m single or more accurately, “why” someone might find it really difficult to ‘marry me’ (if it’s God’s Will):

(1) My past sinful life (as I don’t hide it at all, speak truth even if it’s the bad truth about you) —-> may be close to impossible for someone (whom I must be attracted to as well) to “forgive” and start “new”, this time, “rightly”.

(2) I don’t earn much money. A monthly salary of about or less than RM 3000 or so is “not” so attractive either.


Maybe both the above points define “my punishment” for my unfaithfulness to God despite His Gracious gifts to me.

Hence, if this is “how it’s to be” (difficult as it is), I have “no” choice but to “endure” it with “pain” for it’s equivalent to being beaten for one’s own sins.

I have become a great fool had I actually thrown away God’s gift of Restoration by “my fall”.

It may be too late for me (God’s Will alone may decide otherwise in “Time”) but it may not be thus for you. Hence, please I implore thee, do “not” fall into those sins for it was never worth it… Compared to what “possibilities or blessings in that area which God might have Willed…”

My story may end in a sad manner but yours need not be.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord for at least not punishing me. He has been “too kind” toward me that I should “not” ask anything further especially after disgracing Him like this (yet He spares me, Thank You)…

Words can’t describe His Unfailing Love…



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