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Worldly False Teachings – No Logic

Simple statements with “no” logic which can each be trivially refuted but yet, “it’s more commonly believed & accepted” (please see picture).

For example, one of the greatest fallacy which is also the easiest to refute is “all roads lead to the same God”.


“how can all roads lead to the same God if each road itself contradicts each other in its assumptions, logic & even path/method of Salvation?”

That is, to say that “all roads lead to Him” is equivalent to saying that the “same God authored” all these “different ways” and “confused people” & causing “havoc in the world”. That’s a clear cut contradiction.

Also, God cannot author “one truth” in a place and author an exact “contradictory / different truth” in a “different book” simply because Truth must speak of either “one” of any such two statements only.

Remember that “logic is a test of consistency within a system (of belief too)” and in like manner, all these ‘false fallacies’ are “Inconsistent or illogical”.

Please don’t be deceived & make thy choices for beliefs “wisely”.

Good luck


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