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Other New Christian Books


Other Unpublished Christian Books by Jonathan Ramachandran


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This book is written to show some major Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and even discuss certain Doctrines to Possibilities with some Common Fallacies.

Example thought to ponder: “… Someone said: those with no History, hate History; now, to say that all of these Christian History is unreliable especially via the writings of these 8 Great Doctors of the Church is to question God’s Sovereignty within Christianity itself, right? I mean the writings of these 8 Great Doctors of the Church whom even the FIRST PROTESTANT FATHERS in their BOOK OF CONCORD consider saved could be most right in the part which they all agree such as the NON ELECT SALVATION POSSIBILITY for “some”  shown next and in parts which they differ, it’s less clear, right? …”


Yes, they converted more than any of the denominations singularly by contributing toward all of Christianity be it Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox in some way.


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This book is written to explain some key Christian Doctrine position we take to be Safe Scripturally highlighting the Risks with Bible Verses for those who do otherwise. This is important to as a Christian because we do not want Christ Questioning us one day regarding ‘Why we didn’t warn others?’ based on Verses below:


“… When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you shall surely die!’ and YOU DO NOT SPEAK TO WARN THE WICKED FROM HIS WAY, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; BUT HIS BLOOD I WILL REQUIRE AT YOUR HAND. Nevertheless IF YOU WARN the WICKED to TURN FROM HIS WAY, and he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but YOU HAVE DELIVERED YOUR SOUL. …” (Ezekiel 33:8 – 9, NKJV)


This does not necessarily mean that the opposite positions to what we propose as the Safe Route Scripturally in this Book must we wrong but rather in some cases it could be so if God permitted it. However the risk of the opposite positions is still there because we prove our position with Bible Verses and the opposite positions usually pertain to New Modern Ways which some Christians have claimed that God told them do so especially based on the Progressive Revelation Movement which we do not support.


Since only God Knows whether their claims are true or not, we do not judge those Christians letting God Judge them alone. However, we also point out to them to have respect for these First Ways of the Church especially which are Written in Bible Verses because the Doctrinal Position we demonstrate is already Plainly Written in Holy Scripture and so it is already 100% Approved by New Testament Scripture and the First Churches which obeyed it are already Saved by Practicing it and that’s why we seek to Imitate Scripture likewise.  Big number of Christians following a Doctrine or believing in something is not necessarily a sign of Truth which is easy to prove for any Protestants since no matter what blessing or evangelism they claim, the Roman Catholics beat them in financial blessings to number of souls and so by that logic, does it justify Praying to Virgin Mary? So claiming such proofs is not Biblical but rather we point to Bible Verses only for each claim.



The free pdf may be found in link below:


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“Prosperity Testimony” – Questions to Ponder


A General Scenario: Imagine your country has majority of religion A and race B but a person of religion C and race D becomes its king by Democracy. So if that “king” comes and gives a testimony of his life, would you leave your religion and convert to that instead?


This is a reason “why” I do “not” believe in any “Prosperity” as a

“sign of truth”.


The “king” may be from subrace D1 while the others from his native country may be from subrace D2, D3, … where even among them they won’t support those of another subrace easily or if any from their subrace is not of the same religion of C, can you see it?


In fact, they won’t even allow subrace D2, D3, etc. to marry those of subrace D1 or some selected subrace only to do so. But despite such racism hidden within their own hearts even, they can be among the “richest” people in the world too. God Will Reveal everything One Day.


While people from race D or others wish to be “king” in the land of majority religion A and race B, in their own “native land/motherland” NO ONE from race B or others who do not believe in religion C will ever be a “king” there (in their “motherland”) by “democracy”, an irony isn’t it?


The only “Genuine Truth” here I see is that the people of majority religion A and race B have been able to PRACTICE JUSTICE beyond their own religion A and race B which itself puts them at a MORAL LEVEL that is UNSURPASSED by their other counterparts. The day the others can do similarly in not just “appointing a king” but also in “other matters of business and life” then they get closer to “God’s Truth”. Till then, it’s just a “prosperity game” which is an “illusion” which destroys one in the “spirit world”.


A similar thing can be seen in regards to “Prosperity Churches” vs “Poorer Churches” likewise in analogy.


That’s why Christ put the Command of PERFECTION not as “prosperity” but the CHARITY DOCTRINE:


“… 21JESUS said to him, “IF you want to be PERFECT, go, SELL what YOU HAVE and GIVE to the POOR, and YOU WILL HAVE TREASURE IN HEAVEN; and come, FOLLOW ME.” 22But when the young man heard that saying, he went away SORROWFUL, for he had GREAT POSSESSIONS. 23Then JESUS said to His disciples, “Assuredly, I say to you that it is HARD for a RICH MAN TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. 24And AGAIN I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. …” (Matthew 19:21 – 24, NKJV)


That’s why in CHRIST’s OWN WORDS here we see that the GREATEST NUMBER is “ZERO” for those who can do “ZERO PROSPERITY” of “… SELL what YOU HAVE and GIVE to the POOR, and YOU WILL HAVE TREASURE IN HEAVEN; and come, FOLLOW ME. …” which I CANNOT DO (so even a scrap of heaven or at the final new earth would suffice for me) but the Greatest Fathers of the Church the world has even known (as I have quoted say in the #SafeRouteScripturallyBook) have done it remarkably. Please note that letting go of wealth and living like a hermit does NOT count much if the “wealth was left to the family” earlier as that person by relative measure did NOT give anything to the poor. I mean the best is to give some to family and according to one’s ability give to the poor as well.


An Edifying Comment: Can the country of origin of such persons allow those NOT of same race NOR of same religion to hold such portfolio likewise? (or will they never vote for such even if the candidate is good? NOT just in POLITICS but any field too like for example in Education even they grab the “paying teaching opportunities to themselves instead of the candidate of best qualification among them even” as that’s their “moral level even toward same race but different religion” is only at that level of “prejudice” even. So, Let all Answer God One Day).




You see it is People who send themselves to “Hell” (even if “Eternal so be it”) due to “their own injustice and unholiness within them” as these few points in comparison itself shows.


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Especially those which affect the “future in the Spirit World and beyond” after we die toward the “Resurrection”.




































St. Ambrose of Milan seems to be very CONFIDENT of SUCH NON ELECT SALVATION from the LAKE of FIRE CONTEXT as his quotes next seem to point, right?








Page 1867 of the #SafeRouteScripturallyBook .

Page 1908 of the #SafeRouteScripturallyBook


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This book is written to look at how some Christian Doctrines are Ignored by some modern Christians as not so important.  Therefore we try our  best not to repeat the usual Doctrines which are already well Revealed and accepted across mainstream Christianity such as the Doctrine of Trinity to the Doctrine of Holiness and rather choose to Speak about the other New Testament Bible Verses which pertain to some of these Ignored Doctrines and Possibilities so that a Christian may decide his walk of faith better and not be discouraged by empty words against it sometimes (by those who preach a simplified saved by Grace Doctrine ignoring the fruits of Salvation or in some cases ignoring the Rewards Doctrine for Works as Revealed for this New Testament).


The free pdf may be found in link below:


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Please find the Latest Draft of a New Book Titled  “Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven in First Christianity” (Completed 31 January 2022) in pdf (free download/viewing) in link below:







Short Description of Book


This Book explores the Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven beginning with Christ’s Most Blessed Words Found in Holy Scripture and explores related Bible Verses and other First Christianity Quotes especially from the Church Fathers who were direct disciples of the Apostles themselves or their disciples to understand this better and explore related topics by giving Church History examples too where relevant.


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Free E-Books are Available in link below including the latest one titled:



Here’s another Draft of a new book too



Here’s another Draft of a new book too




This Book explores mostly the Bible Verses related to the Charity Doctrine aspect apart from looking at some other related topics regarding Christian Perfection. Its contents are not well listed out but for a keen reader it will be more of a treasure hunt for Bible Verses on such Topics together with First Christianity quotes in support of it where possible. A 100 year old or 500 year old Christianity cannot fully Reveal 2000 year old Christianity’s Mysteries and Secrets.


The free pdf may be found in link below:



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Please find the Latest Draft of a New Book Titled


“Eternal Hell Annihilation and Universalism in Christianity – Can all three be true A Look with the Apostolic Fathers” (Completed 24 December 2021) in pdf (free download/viewing) in link below:


Short Description of Book


This Book explores the Bible Verses to see whether Eternal Hell Annihilation and Universalism in Christianity can be true simultaneously in some way especially from writings of the Church Fathers who were direct disciples of the Apostles themselves or their disciples to understand this better via those writings called the Apostolic Fathers. We only quote the Apostolic Fathers Writings as modern Scholarship calls it such since these are the earliest Christian Writings known and which were accepted in First Christianity. The later fathers and Christians even if 1 million of them believe in it can err since they may be repeating what one particular church father has said or interpreted. In light of this fact, it may be best to look at these earliest and best ones known to Christianity outside the Bible.


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