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  1. Whose duty it is to provide fortune?

The duty to provide “inheritance” is of the “father” and not the “duty” of a “son”.

So, if you plan to have kids “wisely”, follow this advice of being a “good man” who provided inheritance to even his son’s son.

If can’t, best not to have kids. You are the reason being “unwise” who couldn’t provide the inheritance for your kids and then turn around and “blame them” for a “duty” which was never theirs, “biblically”.

The world teaches the opposite and I don’t believe in the world.

Here’s this important verse (be wise):

“A good man causeth sons’ sons to inherit, And laid up for the righteous is the sinner’s wealth.” (Proverbs 13:22)


  1. Who said the righteous cannot be a poor man? (has little literally)


“Better is the little of the righteous, Than the store of many wicked.” (Psalm 37:16)


  1. How does then God decide the fortune of any man?

God has the fortune of every man to be determined by… “time and chance”.

“I have turned so as to see under the sun, that not to the swift [is] the race, nor to the mighty the battle, nor even to the wise bread, nor even to the intelligent wealth, nor even to the skilful grace, for time and chance happen with them all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11)


When there’s “no verse” stating it literally, it’s only the opinions of men.



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