[sstoggles] [sstoggle title=”Saviour of the World”]

Verse 1 :

As the world lay in sin,

Darkness clouding from within.

God looks from above,

With an everlasting Love.


Chorus 1 :

You came down,

From the world of light.

Born to save the souls of men.

Heal our heart(s),

That’s so cold,

Only You can ease the pain.

Every Word You said is True,

Jesus, Saviour of the World!


Verse 2 :

You came to set the captives free.

Break the chains and free our lives.

You came to seek the lost.

Until You will find them.


Chorus 2 :

Heaven will pass,

And the earth will fade.

(But) Your Word will remain.

Jesus, Saviour of the World!

Exalted high above all else.

All the World will sing to You,

“Jesus, Saviour of the World!”


Chorus 3 :

Every knee will bow.

Every tongue shall confess.

“Jesus, Lord of all.”

Victorious over every foe.

King of kings and Lord of lords,

You will never fail.

[/sstoggle] [sstoggle title=”Rest in You”]

Verse 1 :

All the days that I used to spend,

All alone staring at the sand,

All the thoughts that I try to mend,

To find my story’s end.


Verse 2 : 

All the plans in the corner of my mind,

Seem to echo a vision with You,

I don’t know if this is all true,

But I do know You’ll give me a Hand.


Chorus 1 : 

Let Your Light,

Shine tonight,

Fill our lives,

With the Life that is in Your Son.


Help us see,

Fill our hearts,

Heal our minds,

To be more and more like You.


Verse 3 : 

As time ticks on by,

Need to find a way to try,

To reach Your goal before I die,

I pray that Your Will be done.


Verse 4 : 

(so) I’ll start by lifting up my head,

With a step and running right ahead

And I know I mustn’t be afraid,

Lord Jesus, You’ll never let go.


Chorus 2 : 

Find The Way,

(Lord You’ll ) Make a Way,

All the Way,

You will never abandon us.


Help my faith,

Not to doubt,

(to) Walk Your Path,

Till we find our Rest in You.


Bridge : ( Talk )

Lord Jesus, help us, I pray.

To put our hope and trust in You.

In every circumstance,

Let Your Name alone be glorified. . .

At all times.

[/sstoggle] [sstoggle title=”The Greatest Story Ever Told”]

Verse  :

Deep in the pages of history,

I get to see His Story,

Shrouded in Mystery,

A time like no other.


Bridge :

God became a Man,

Coming in the Flesh.

He will pay the price,

For the sins of man.

He will walk the earth,

Teach men in His Ways.

(And) He will lay His Life,

All because of Love.


Chorus :

He gave us everything,

(that) we might live again.

May the world be saved,

Through Your Righteous Act.

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”Heaven’s Only King”]

Verse 1 :

Look out the window,

Look at the stars, and

Sing out aloud.


Look at creation,

Look at Your Work, and

I stand in awe.


Bridge :

I’m captured by Your Truth, and

Grace and Mercy.

I’m caught in reverence, and

Ready to worship.

I’m amazed by Your Sacrifice, and

Humbled by Your Cross.

Jesus, oh, Jesus . . .


Chorus 1 :

You are Heaven’s Only King,

I bow my knee to You.

You alone will rule my heart,

I surrender my will to You.


Verse 2 :

Open my eyes, Lord

Open my ears,

To grasp Your Word.

Let me be moulded,

Let me be shaped, Lord

To Your desire.


Chorus 2 :

You are worthy of all praise,

Let creation sing to You.

Let Your Name be lifted high,

Far above over everything.[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”God Of The Fatherless”]

Verse 1  :

The oppressed cry out.

The poor are crushed.

Who will rise to defend?

Who will break the curse?


Bridge :

They are being hurt,

You came down to earth

To rescue them.

Ever living God,

None can compare,

To Your strength.

That’s why I put,

My Trust in You.


Chorus :

God of the fatherless,

(God of the fatherless)

God of the widow,

(God of the widow)

God of the helpless,

(God of the helpless)

Defender of the weak,

(Defender of the weak)


Verse 2 :

In the streets of this world.

Many sheep are lost.

You are the Good Shepherd.

They will hear Your Voice.

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”When You”]

Verse 1 :

As I wonder,

All the sins that I have done.

As I wonder,

All Your Grace that has abounded to me.


Verse 2 :

As I look upon,

The depth of Your Sacrifice.

There’s no greater Love, than

What You’ve shown at the Cross.


Chorus 1 :

When You save,

I want to be there,

Sharing in Your gladness.

When You call,

Still want to be there,

Lead me to Your Pastures.

When You speak …

When You Save.


Verse 3 :

You gave us Joy and Life, beyond

All we can ever hope.

We Rest assured in You, and

Put our faith in Your Word.


Chorus 2 :

When You save,

I want to be there,

Sharing in Your gladness.

When You call,

Still want to be there,

Lead me to Your Pastures.

When You speak,

I want to trust in,

Your Voice of Truth.

(And) When You do,

I want to see that,

Your promises are sure.

To the end …

When You Save.

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”Just God”]

Verse 1 :

Justice is served

at the end of life.

The wicked will be

No more.

The meek shall

Inherit the earth.

The righteous shall

Stand on the Rock.


Bridge :

I will sing Hellelujah,

I will sing Hallelujah.

You are Mighty,

You are Strong,

You are Powerful,

And Fire.


Chorus :

Our God is

A Just God.

Our God is

A Just God.

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”Jesus In You”]

Verse 1 :

If I could climb the heavens,

And traverse the deepest depths,

I’ll find…

If I could see all hearts,

And weigh them on a scale,

I’ll know.


If I could search the ages,

There’s none,

Like You.

I would know the Truth ( and )

Let it set,

In me.


Pre – Chorus :

All the world will know You live in us


Chorus 1 :

Do they see Jesus in You

Jesus in You

That all the world will know

You live in us

… I’m sorry Lord


Verse 2 :

If I could measure Love,

(And) what it takes,

To change me.

If I could hear Your Heartbeat,

And feel what You feel,

I’ll grasp.


If I could know all knowledge,

(And) understand,

If I could see Your Glory,

And be more,

Like You.


Chorus 2 :

Do they see Jesus in me

Jesus in me

That all the world will know

(that) You are God


… I’m in awe of You!

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”You Are”]

Verse 1 :

We are Your people,

We are Your sheep,

We are Your Church, (and)

We are Your Bride


Verse 2 :

You are our Shepherd,

You are Creator,

You are Immanuel,

You are our Peace


Verse 3 :

You are Righteous,

You are Holy,

You are Powerful,

You are Divine


Verse 4 :

You are our Helper,

You are our Friend,

You are our Comforter,

You are our Judge


Verse 5 :

You are Adonai,

You are El-Gibbor,

You are El-Shaddai,

You are our Rock


Verse 6 :

You are that “ I am “,

You are our Lord,

You are Yahweh,

You are The Word


Verse 7 :

You are the Way,

You are the Truth,

You are the Life,

You are One


Verse 8 :

You are Amazing,

You are our Hope,

You are Faithful,

You are Just


Verse 9 :

You are Healer,

You are Redeemer,

You are Light,

You are Love


Verse 10 :

You came in Flesh,

To pay the Price,

For our Sin,

With Your Blood


Verse 11 :

You are Messiah,

You are Anointed,

You are our Saviour,

You are Christ


Verse 12 :

You are Man,

You are King,

You are Son,

You are God!





Hallelujah[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”First”]

Verse :

God is Great

God is Good

God is Amazing


Bridge :

I’ll see Your Light shine

(and) the world will know

That You are Amazing


Chorus :

Heaven will grow old

(The) earth will fade (but)

You will remain

Looking up above

I’ll find You


You are the First (and)

You are the Last (and)

You are there

You were there before

The ages

You are First

You are First


Lord Jesus, You are First![/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”Free”]

Chorus :

Take me over,

Take me far away from here.

Bring me over,

I leave it all away behind.


Verse 1 :

Looks again

It’s time to change

All my ways

To follow You

I don’t know how

(But I) Will make it through

(And I) Surrender to You

Into Your Hands


Verse 2 :

My hands are tied

My eyes are blind

My ears are deaf

(Jesus) Rescue me

I failed again

I feel ashamed

You raise me up

To Your Will


Bridge :

Lord Jesus, set me free ( 4x )


Ending :

Lord Jesus, I am Free ! ( 4x )


[/sstoggle] [sstoggle title=”Beautiful Reason”]

Verse 1:


The clock ticks by

An hour is gone

Time is still

Our days are short


Many people

Forgotten faces

Memory remains




It’s me & my guitar

It’s me and my guitar

It’s just the two of us

It’s just the two of us


It’s me & my guitar

It’s me and my guitar

We’ll worship Him alone

We’ll worship Him alone


Verse 2:


Lost in Time

Buried in History

Hope was lost

Faith was absent

None were present

To witness this Treason


Days passed

Years went by

Death reigned

Love is cold

Hades enlarged

And Paradise heard its cry



In Light He sat

In Love He came

In Grace and Truth

He left His Throne…

The Son left His Throne


The sky was lit

A Star was seen

Born this Day

Hey, Hey e-yay…

The King of kings


Verse 3:


His Hands Healed

His Mouth Preached

His Heart Beat

All with Love…

All with Love


Him they beat

Him they spat

Him they mocked

Him they killed


He didn’t Save Himself!


In Him was Life

The Light of men

He gave His Life

All for the World…

For the World


Darkness couldn’t comprehend

Hades couldn’t even hold

Death couldn’t kill

The Prince of Life


Verse 3:


A beam of light

A gleam of dawn

All of light

He gives them life


Three days passed

Death lost its sting

Darkness passed

Heaven found its King


Men can now

Rest in Peace

Born was then

Christ the King!


Verse 4:


In Him we Hope

In Him we know

Sons of God

Sons of Light


The matter is sealed

For His Glory

The duty of kings

To search is out!


Light He fills

Love He fills

All He fills

Ends all ills!


When ages past

And Time is lost

The Day will come

One in Christ

One in Christ!


The Reason for Treason

Is lack of Reason

The reason for Reason

Is the Son…

Is the Son!




A Reason to live

A Reason to die

Beautiful Reason

The Risen Son




[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”God Wins”]

Verse 1:


He is

King of kings

God of gods

Light of the World


God is Light

God is Good

God is Strong

God in Trinity


Verse 2:


He is

Lord of lords

God with us

Who came in Flesh


Mystery of the GodHead

Blessed Trinity

God is One

His Name is Jesus!




God Will Win!

He knows no Failure!

His Will be done!

The World be Saved!

In the End.

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”The Answer”]

Verse 1 :

Voices in my head tell me

I need to go away

So I take my flight

And I go chasing lights


Pre-chorus :

I’m lost


Chorus :

My soul seeks an answer

To the questions that’s been burning in my head


Seek The Truth

That’s only found

In You


Seek an answer

Seek †he Answer


Seek an answer

Seek †he Answer


Verse 2 :


The lies they fed me with

Come undone in You


The only Light I see

Is The Light of Christ


Bridge :


You are the One Who

Walked on water


You are the One Who

Opened blind eyes


You are the One Who

Made the demons flee
You are the One Who

Set me Free

[/sstoggle][sstoggle title=”Home”]

Verse 1 :

I lost my way

In this world

I look to You

To lead me back


Verse 2 :

In the dark

I grope to find

A shining Light

To break the night


Bridge :

I will look to You

I will call to You

… To Your Name

You will answer me

In Your Mercy

… To Your Will


Chorus :

Light will shine in the darkness

There’ll be hope in You



You will seek the lost

Draw all men to You

Be Welcome Home


Bridge :

I will rejoice (and)

I will be glad

In … In You[/sstoggle] [/sstoggles]