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A look with History: Marrying twice “after divorce” is sin

Justin Martyr, c. A.D. 155 says:

“Concerning chastity, [Jesus Christ] uttered such sentiments as these: “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart before God.” … And, “Whoever shall marry a woman divorced from another husband commits adultery.” … So all who, by human law, are twice married are sinners in the eye of our Master along with those who look at a woman to lust for her.” (First Apology 15)

Apostle Paul states this same truth about “divorced” cannot “remarry” in the verses below:

“10and to the married I announce — not I, but the Lord — let not a wife separate (divorce) from a husband: 11but and if she may separate (divorce), let her remain unmarried, or to the husband let her be reconciled, and let not a husband send away a wife.” (1 Corinthians 7:10 – 11)

You can “only remarry” if you are a “widow/widower” (spouse has died).

Therefore, be careful of whom you choose to marry for unlike the world, we cannot simply “divorce & remarry” as we may like to do.

There is “no context” under which a “divorced may remarry” in Christ.

Hermas, A.D. 160-170 says:

I said to [the Shepherd], “Sir, if anyone has a wife who trusts in the Lord, and if he detect in her adultery, does the man sin if he continue to live with her?”
He said to me, “As long as he remains ignorant of her sin, the husband commits no transgression in living with her, but if the husband knows that his wife has gone astray, and if the woman does not repent, but persists in her fornication, and yet the husband continues to live with her, he also is guilty of her crime and a sharer in her adultery.”
I said to him, “What then, sir, is the husband to do if his wife continue in her vicious practices?”
He said, “The husband should put her away and live by himself. But if he puts his wife away and marries another, he also commits adultery.”
I said to him, “What if the woman put away should repent and want to return to her husband? Shall she not be taken back by her husband?”
He said to me, “Assuredly. If the husband does not take her back, he sins, and he brings a great sin upon himself. For he ought to take back the sinner who has repented, but not frequently. For there is but one repentance for the servant of God [i.e., baptism]. In case, therefore, that the wife might repent, the husband ought not to marry another when his wife has been put away. In this matter, man and woman are to be treated exactly the same way. (Shepherd of Hermas II:4th)

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