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Reality – Violence or Non Violence?


Which is accepting Reality for a Bible Believing Christian: Violence or Non-Violence?

For example:

Legendary King David was “right” in launching wars and eliminating evil men by “killing them” (being violent) solving the problem of evil “temporarily” (by defeating it at that point in time).

The Legend (God Himself in the Flesh), Lord Jesus Christ is “Perfect” in teaching absolute Love exhibited in non-violence (with no killing of others whatsoever but He, laying down His Life instead) to solve the Problem of Evil “permanently” (which will be testified into the ages to come because of His Perfect Act of Love, the World Will be Saved and all reconciled to Himself, having made Peace through His Blood on His Cross) in “Times”.

1. Right reasons – God allows it (but does not endorse it with NT Scripture/Covenant) – the better evil – war/killing for the better reasons = “right” cause for “justice” for the oppressed. It is still “evil” since we still “kill” even though they are “evil men”.

2. Perfect Reason – God endorses (Through NT Scripture) to do the “Perfect Act” of “Love your enemies” – no killing of enemies for the Reason of Love = “perfect” cause for “Love” for All, both the oppressed and the enemies. There is “no evil” done in this act since you “don’t kill” anyone, whether good or bad.

It’s a choice of being “right” versus being “perfect”.

Note that being “right” only solves the problem of evil temporarily whilst being “perfect” solves it permanently, one soul at a time.


By winning a war (right), the enemy is just “defeated”. They may come back with a revenge with an uprising “later” in “time”.

By allowing ourselves to be killed being absolutely non-violent (perfect), the enemy wins and we’re killed. Eventually by us Lovingly laying down our lives (one soul at a time), two things happen:

1. Very unlikely – The realize that war and murder is not the way. They stop and coexist with us with peace based upon Love knowing that we’re never a threat to them being completely non-violent Christians.

2. Likely – None of the True Christians (completely non-violent and Loving) are left being killed even in the Last Great Tribulation. The world is only full of evil men who will then turn upon each other for the similar reasons (religion to love of money at the root of it) causing the “end” of the age upon themselves with God finally pouring His Wrath upon the Earth. End of the World as we know it!

If we don’t practice absolute non-violence, the Last Great Tribulation and

killing of Christians is just going to be “worse” with more “terrific bloodshed” due to “provoking” by our “violent defending too”.

It is only rational to practice “war” (violence) if Scripture provides a providence for it under the New Testament Covenant as a “possibility” to “end all evil” (which every Christian knows will “never happen” and that times are going to be only worse – Accepting the Fact & inevitable Reality).

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