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Slave of women

Men who go against 1 Timothy 2:12 are “slaves of women” for God doesn’t give them any “spiritual authority” to lead (teach/have authority over a man):

I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” (1 Timothy 2:12)

In short, I don’t take Bible lessons or instructions from girls as 1 Timothy 2:12 prohibits it.

They can share the Gospel or verses, that’s all. No taking charge or assuming authority using His Word (The Bible prohibits it).


Happy obeying your “female” leaders in church.

Remember, a female is only “not” prohibited in earthly leaderships (earthly positions, such as queens/judges even in the Old Testament).

However, “spiritual” leaderships (such as priests, deacons, bishops etc) are only reserved for men on this earth as determined “by the Almighty God” both in the Old Testament and New Testament era as Commanded.

In the coming age, the distinction between male & female will be removed as there are “no more marriages” and “no more male/female” as we will be “one in Christ”.

Till then, whilst on earth, New Testament verses such as 1 Corinthians 14:34 or 1 Timothy 2:12 are to be observed by “true believers who honor His Word”.

P/S 2:
All Christ’s highest leadership were “males” only, namely His apostles.

P/S 3:
If these women cannot even accept or obey the Word of God which spells it out so clearly, chances are, neither of these are capable to be ‘truly’ submissive to their husbands as commanded too.

P/S 4:
Opinions from the “secular world” mean “nothing”.

Only “verses” (from the Word of God) mean “everything”.


Remember, “obedience is greater/better than sacrifice”.

Be a God-pleaser and not a woman-pleaser.

Oh ya, before someone mentions it, “prophecy” is a “gift” and hence:

(i) A “male prophet” administers this gift of prophecy for edification as well as can function as a “leader” as well.


(ii) A “female prophetess” may just administer the gift of prophecy only (i.e. she “cannot” assume authority by it as the verse in 1 Timothy 2:12 prohibits it).
For an example:

Deborah was a prophetess who became a judge in Israel (a secular position – allowed). Note that the position of judges was eventually replaced by kings (a secular position) and not a spiritual position (such as the priests or male prophets).

That’s how the verses mean ‘literally’ when “taken together” resulting in “no contradictions” nor confusion.

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