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Why are you not married?

Sir Abdul Kalam – Why he never married?

Firstly, who is he?
(All quoted from the web):

“Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam who is popularly known as APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the most influential personalities of India a great scientist.

This former president of India ie., 11th president of India is a lot more than just a political figure. He is a scientist, thinker, Inspiration and a youth icon.

Undoubtedly he is in true sense “the missile man” of India. Though his life is an open book, there are few unknown facts about him which most of us don’t know. Let us have a look to them…

1. Reason behind Kalam not getting Married

When asked why he wasn’t married he replied that marriage and children will lead selfishness towards life and he don’t wanted to be selfish at any cost in life as he dedicated his life for serving the nation.

Black Day Of Indian History; Former President APJ Abdul Kalam has Passed Away.

He is the first scientist and first unmarried person to become the President of India.”


Here’s a proof of disproving the famous (false quotes) from the world that:

“every successful man has a woman behind him”


“so, if you want more success, you have to have (or marry) more wives”.

It’s “not” easy to stay “unselfish” by “not marrying” at the level of success Sir APJ Abdul Kalam has achieved.

A salute!


There are other successful men from history too who “never married” such as (all probably for a similar reason):

(1) Scientist : Sir Isaac Newton

(2) Musician: Beethoven

(3) Theologian: Apostle Paul

(4) Saints & Sadhus: Plenty; e.g. Sadhu Sundar Singh


Thus a more “accurate & truthful” quote would be:

In conclusion, “many” men need a woman (or women) behind their “worldly success” while a “few” don’t.

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