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Crack the Code for Lock Problem



A Crudely written explanation:

738 nothing correct with 682 one correct means 8 is false and either

(i) 6 is correct


(ii) 2 is correct

If (i) or 6 is correct, it contradicts picture 614

Thus (i) is false and (ii) Is correct meaning last number must be 2.

Next in 206, 6 is false implies 2 and 0 are both correct. We know 2 is in last place so 0 must be in first place.

Next in 614, we know 6 is false by earlier argument thus either 1 or 4 is correct. But 1 cannot be correct because because it cannot be in the middle since first & last number is already 0 and 2 respectively. So 4 must be correct and only place for it is in the middle.

Giving answer 042

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