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Don’t celebrate curses

A quote from the world teaches that:

“A lot of men act like they are doing a
woman a favor by asking for her hand
in marriage but let’s think about this:
She changes her name, changes her
home, leaves her family, moves in with
you, builds a home with you, gets pregnant for you, bear ur children for
you, pregnancy destroys her body, she
gets fat, almost give up in the labour
room due to the unexplainable pains of
childbirth, even the kids she delivers
bear your name. Till the day she dies, everything she does benefits you.
So who is really doing who a favor?”

An answer:

Don’t celebrate curses as the world does.

Explanation (very frankly – from the flesh outlook):

“I’ve explained this before. At the end of they day, the most important needs are still provided by men, namely “money” & “house” etc. All other acts like changing the name to having sex are all “easier”.

How do we know that? Simple: Just switch roles & see if they’re willing, I mean ask a woman to go to work and provide “money”, “house”, “car” etc while her husband may stay home & “cook & play with the kids while taking care of them”, “change his last name”, “move in to her parents place” (free house) etc.

Are they able? Remember, the “hardest” thing to do is to “provide money”. All other things are “easier” compared to this.”

Explanation (the spiritual outlook):

“You cannot compare the pregnancy suffering part since it’s impossible for men to assume that role by nature.

You can only compare roles which may be “switched” between a husband & wife as described above.

By the way, in Genesis, we find that God “increased the pain of giving birth” as a “curse” to be endured and “not” as a blessing as those in the world are disillusioned. Nothing to revere in a “curse”.

They’re getting pregnant for themselves ultimately: To secure their future, “so that the husband may not leave them with another women as the wife older/uglier” (having a child reduces this probabilistically) to “for her to be taken care when she’s old by that child” (looking at “herself” & “her needs” again, selfishly).

The earth is celebrating all this “painful curses” upon woman especially “your desire will be for your husband & he will rule over you” (the punishment of men’s dominance over her) to “giving birth with more pain”, both of which God mentioned in Genesis after the fall of Adam & Eve.

The main curse for man is that “he has to toil the ground” (that is, men have to “work” to eat; yes work is curse too– originally, God intended a perfect world with no sin where no one has to suffer and work just to eat). End.”

And yes, I “don’t” worship my parents either.

Be like Lord Jesus by having “no regard” for any men in “speaking truth” as the verse below describes:

So they came to Him. “Rabbi,” they said, “we know that you are a truthful man and you do not fear any one; for you do not recognize human distinctions, but teach God’s way truly...” (part of Mark 12:14)

Never be “afraid to speak the truth” and there’s “no need to please anyone except God” (literally – The truth is based on His Word & not by the opinions in the world).

One more thing:
Such prideful exclamations or quotes from the world further prove that these “loves” have little to do with God being proud of the very little which they’ve done (and moreover to their “own flesh & blood” – limited acts) since “they will never/cannot do it to me as an enemy, for example” and thus the “Love of God” alone fulfills this criteria for “True Love” perfectly, that is, “Love is not proud” (1 Corinthians 13:4)

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