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How is Evil not God’s Fault at all?

How to Understand God “allowing” evil without actually doing it Directly (1 Corinthians 10:13)?
It’s like God giving me them up to eyes of stupor in Romans 11:8 in similar literary style meaning He “allowed” it simply because the actual one causing that blindness in ‘all’ who disbelieve is Satan (god of this age, according to the dominion & choice he makes), not God as 2 Corinthians 4:4 reveals this often missed context.
Thus we see that no blame at all is on God (Job 1:22) agreeing To God doing No evil at all James 1:13.
Regarding Evil done by creation’s will —–> God in His Foreknowledge of Creation’s wrong choices —> decides after the Counsel of His Own Will regarding His Actions ONLY (Ephesians 1:11)—-> and by His Will (Good ONLY) He rectifies it in the end —> “despite” creation’s wrong choices and acts against His Will.
Everything done by creation is NOT necessarily God’s Will though God allowed it (Matthew 7:21)
With regards to destroyers being engaged, those are Judgment cases matching the level of evil done by the wicked ones first (agreeing to the Judgment Principle in Isaiah 3:11) and these are NOT the same case as the evil done by creation and “despite” all that, God still wills restoration for He alone is Good, No fault on God in any of these when understood correctly.
God does NO dirty work at all (James 1:13, Psalm 18:30)
In Short:
God doesn’t want any evil to take place.
But evil happens due to Creation’s choice and He allows it.
He rectifies it by His Will even letting evil to Happen to Him at His Cross to Solve the Problem of Evil (Hence He is Good, by using His Foreknowledge to solve it this Way).
Matthew 7:21 explains creation’s will which are not His Will but God ‘allowed’ such evil to happen though He doesn’t approve it at all. God still wills to correct it “despite” the evil done by creation in this case.
Regarding Christ’s Acts, it is His Will (no doubt on that as it is His Actions Only).
You are confusing creation’s will in its choice against God case vs when Creation obeys God case versus God’s Acts by His Will Alone case (These are all distinct cases as Scripture reveals).

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