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Want to be Perfect?

Interesting thought.
(Mark 10:17 – 29; Matthew 19:16 – 30)

The only One Who didn’t talk about earthly-money as a “will of God” or as an “aim in life” is none other than Lord Jesus Himself!

On the contrary, He exhorted “perfection” to the rich young ruler as selling “all” (not some) which he had and give the proceeds (money) to the poor (not the Church).

He continued only then to “follow Him”.

What I conclude “literally” from this incident is that in order to follow God “perfectly” (in Christ’s exhortation, “if you want to be perfect”), then one has to sell “all” you have and give it to the poor. Next, “take our cross and follow Him”.

Also do take note that this “perfection” is “relative” to a great loss financially (made devoid of Mammon=Money) and also that it was not spoken to a person who had “not much money” anyways but rather to a “rich” young (not old) ruler (a man with power).

So, “perfection” to let go of “money” and “power” while “young” is “not easy”.
Most who have done it miss “one or more” of the conditions aforementioned in this paragraph.

I know the One Who did it Perfectly: Lord Jesus Himself… Who left “All” the “riches, power & glory” of Heaven just to die for the Sin of the World… Why? For Love; in order to Save them All that we might be “rich” through Him in Heaven, one day!

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