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Focus – Salary from Work

We need to be particularly careful of “salary” obtained due to ‘gain of oppressions’ (unfair, unjust, wicked systems or business practices) and rather practice ourselves to do “honest & clean work” even if it means “lesser income”:

“He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly, who despises the gain of oppressions, who shakes his hands, lest they hold a bribe, who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed and shuts his eyes from looking on evil, he will dwell on the heighxts; his place of defense will be the fortresses of rocks; his bread will be given him; his water will be sure.

Your eyes will behold the king in His beauty; they will see a land that stretches afar.” (Isaiah 33:15 – 17)


Here is Adam Clarke’s Bible commentary regarding the meaning of “gain of oppressions” found in the verse quoted above for further understanding:

‘He that despiseth the gain of oppressions – Margin, ‹Deceits‘. The third characteristic – he abhors the gain that is the result of imposition, false dealing, and false weights. Or if it mean oppressions, as the word usually does, then the sense is, that he does not oppress the poor, or take advantage of their needy condition, or affix exorbitant prices, or extort payment in a manner that is harsh and cruel.’

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