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Talmud – Why Christians don’t consider it as Inspired Scripture?

Why doesn’t the Bible approve the Talmud as inspired Scripture and rejects it as Man-Made though the Jews highly regard it?

Please consider (wisely) :

Regarding other “dirty” teachings of the Rabbi’s with regards to sexuality and paedophilia (NOT from the Torah or YHWH but from the “Talmud”), please see image. They will try to cover up what is plainly written. Christ did NOT teach any such nonsense in the Holy New Testament Scripture.


A common Jewish reply:

A meme from Google with some verses taken totally out of context to make the Jewish people look as monsters proves everything.


A ‘Sensible’ Reply:

The verses are true whether it’s from Google or a meme or the Talmud itself, “same” content. Oh, is there a context for paedophilia? That’s new. Is it a new Torah or Talmud?


“YHWH is NOT the God of Paedophiles and those who approve such acts; Blessed be His Holy Name! (Romans 1:32)” – Anonymous


[More proofs at link below, an example]



Some points after a Christ rejecting Jew of Judaism vainly tried to defend these paedophilic passages:

Can someone convert to Judaism at the age below three?

Also the marriage is at the later age is not mentioned as that passage and others clearly say “what’s written only”.

To discourage and not prohibit it is to condone it.

The other verses which speak against it is probably from better ones amongst you but clearly contradict those written verses in the Talmud.


Plus, check the link for more verses which you never explained.


A girl is mentally mature at the age close to three to make a paedophilic marriage decision? (this is a legal subtlety you claim?). A point which even a Godless Gentile may not agree to. Please teach these to your daughters and not to a sensible human being with a conscience.

Better a bastard who is anti-paedophile than a paedophilia supporting son.

Lord Jesus Christ is right (Matthew 8:12).



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