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Part 4 – The Biblical Law of Love – 1 Corinthians 10:29 (literally – by an example)

Example: Tattoos

  1. My tattoos have helped me reach out to some curious onlookers as well as helped open a door for me to preach the gospel (where I described that God would roast you eternally in hell without any purpose forever and ever).

He can tolerate me having tattoos but He can’t tolerate your unbelief which is why He plans to roast you without end! – Bad!

  1. I’ve seen “weak” Christians stumble (or leave a Church) because the pastor who was invited to preach said “tattoos are ok with God”.

Actually, I’m kinda unsure who is the “weaker” Christian, “the tattooed pastor” or the one “who left the church”?

Regardless, I guess that’s why we have both types of churches – with a pastor claiming that tattooing is right while the other that it is wrong (one may pick and choose which Jesus one agrees with – for it is impossible for the Holy Spirit of God to simultaneously state both tattooing and not tattooing are right at the “same time”)


  1. No tattoo at all.

I’ve never heard either of the below:

(i) Because you have no tattoo, you’re stumbling me.

(ii) Because you have no tattoo, it doesn’t bring glory to Jesus

Don’t be deceived by “at least someone was brought to Christ because of my tattoos” (a house built on sand – for we don’t lure men by tattoos to Christ).

In other words, “the end does not justify the means, Biblically speaking”. That’s why in certain parables, Christ clearly warns of only the one who does the “Will” (of God) is “approved”.

By one who does the “Will of God”, it means that even in how the Gospel is preached or spread, it must be in accordance to His Word with all Holiness & Purity (even Perfection – to attain the house built upon the Rock).

To “win a soul by tattoo” is just as feeble as trying to use that soul as a “human shield” thinking that God will protect the “tattoo-preacher” regardless. God is not mocked. It’s obvious (even to us – this intent of trying to justify the wrongdoing of advocating tattoos in Christianity by telling testimonies of how “tattoos” were used to “win souls for Christ”).

They are “not” really won (absolutely) simply because their faith is built upon the “assumption that tattoos are ok with God” (take this assumption away and the houses of sand comes tumbling down – without which, they would’ve rejected Christ!).

In short, they have faith in Christ through tattoos (Lol).

That’s why, “Truth alone is Perfect”.

The Law of Love, “why is my freedom judged by the conscience of another?” holds true (they argue without consideration of others by saying, “tattooing is my right. If anyone is gonna stumble by my tattoos, it’s their problem – not mine”).

Truth alone is Perfect because, the opposite is True: “No one ever got their faith in Christ stumbled simply because a True Christian does not have a tattoo” (that’s why, stick to this principle!)

Don’t condemn those who already have tattoos. But you, take it as an admonition and strive towards the perfection which is found in Christ alone!

God Will Judge All Righteously (including me).


No one ever “stumbled” (till they left Christ) because they saw the misdemeanour of obesity or lack of exercise. If so, please provide proof. But the opposite that a few left Christ due to this tattooing issue is true. Thus be careful of your analogies too! (Atheists leave Christ primarily due to the eternal hell lie but also add on explanations such as obesity/gluttony/lack of exercise among Christians as something silly relative to the concept of eternal hell. That’s all).


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