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Reality: Atheist versus Theist

A possible atheist questioned:

“Every 10 seconds, a child dies from hunger-related diseases, and yet, we are told that God is in control and loves the world. 1.7 billion people lack access to clean water, and yet, we live, in a sense, as if this isn’t our responsibility. So, Jesus should have said, “O ye of little compassion”, for without it, we lose sight of the meaning of life.”

A reply:

“Blaming God didn’t solve the problem either. Unbelief in God didn’t solve the problem either.
But, belief in God has solved some of these problems by people acting on it; Hence, a 100% belief in the True God will solve this problem 100% because with ‘all’ people (100% of them) having ‘faith’ in the ‘true God’, His Power to Solve will be Manifested. Indeed, He truly said, “O ye of little faith” because the Power to Solve was given into our hands with both “faith” followed by “action”. In short, those problems depicted does not depict the failure of God but the failure of men for God never intended to solve them here on earth by Him acting directly”.

God is only to be blamed if all men believed but yet the problem is not solved in full (which is not the case).

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