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Strong & weak: Mammon’s lure in “family”

How strong we really are is usually proven when we have huge sums of “money”.

Similarly, how weak we really are is also proven when we have lesser & lesser amounts of “money”.


When we have much “money”, it’s easiest to fall into sin and get entangled to love the ungodly pleasures of this present age.

In like manner, when we have little “money”, it’s easiest to fall prey to the lures of criminal & ungodly activities on the excuse of “feeding my family” and also almost need no effort to curse God for the financial difficulties faced.


The “literal” irony is this (learn wisdom):

If you know that you barely have enough to sustain yourself financially, then why do you marry?

Most of the criminals think that their acts are justified because they’re trying to meet the needs of “their children”.

They are completely ignorant of the fact that through their ungodly ways of earning, they actually destroy the finance of other more honest-living families.

The worst thing is that many Christian parents-to-be are fed the verse which implies “… Happy is the man whose number of children is plenty” (Psalm 127:4 – 5). Hence they blindly begat children until the point where they can’t take care of them… And as usual many blame God for their inability to take care of their own “bedroom products” (which the parents did ‘willingly’).

The key is that the Bible also speaks of any one (especially parents) who can’t take care of his own household (family – especially children) is worse than an unbeliever! (1 Timothy 5:8)

Of course it is exhorted that as much as possible, children should try to take care of their parents when they’re old (e.g. a verse which states ” do not despise your mother when she is old” – Proverbs 23:22).

However, the Work of God takes precedence over family. The verse in 1 Timothy 5:8 does “not” talk about a man “chosen” for His Work but is just directed to an average believer.

We also see this “literally” in the confession of apostle Peter himself (alleged to be married) where he states that they left everything (house, family etc.) for His Work (the only clause given in Scripture under which one need “not necessarily” stay on to take care of one’s own family anymore). Here’s that verse:

And Peter said, ‘Lo, we left all, and did follow thee;’ (Luke 18:28)

Lord Jesus didn’t reply Peter by instructing him to go take care of your “mom and dad” but rather:

He (Lord Jesus) said to them, ‘Verily I say to you, that there is not one who left house, or parents, or brothers, or wife, or children, for the sake of the reign of God, who may not receive back manifold more in this time, and in the coming age, life age-during (Luke 18:29-30)”.

How come God can teach something like this? Your mother & father took care of you?

Simple: God is your True Father (absolute Truth). Your earthly parents are just “earthly” (parents relative to living on earth).

God is the One Who Truly takes care of you (Absolutely) through your earthly parents (vessels relative to your earthly existence).

God is the One Who Truly Provided (absolutely) since the very ability to “provide & love” by your parents is “not of their own selves” but rather by God’s Grace (it’s God Who gave them those ‘abilities’ as well as their financial strength to provide – not of themselves – thus no parent may boast in the presence of the Lord)

P/S 2:

I’ve seen parents’ love “expire” (in the past when I worked as a social worker among old folks too) especially when they’re not taken care of during their old age (proving that a parent’s love too is “conditional” – conditional to the requirement that “you take care of me when I’m old”).

However, children are amazing because I have found so few of them saying that they hate their father or mother even though they have been given up by their “real parents” under the infamous excuse that “Mommy can’t afford to take care of you anymore” and placed at orphanages (during a time where I worked at one such place too).

The reverse is not accepted by society:
If a son/daughter does the “same” back to the “parents” by placing them at an old folks home with the “same” excuse that “I can’t afford to take care of you anymore”, they will be utterly scorned for being ungrateful (in Malay, “anak derhaka” = “a betraying child”).

Double standards such as these arise due to “conditional” love.

“True love” has no “conditions” especially earthly ones.

A Christian must live it to the “freewill” of either the parent or a child as to whether they want to take care or not – let God alone Judge it rightly – as to whether it’s selfishly done or for His Kingdom (the only exception clause allowed).

Don’t agree?
Simple: No need to be a Christian (freewill choice).

Remember, loyalty is to God Alone since He is the “True Parent” of All. ❤

P/S 3:

Under such circumstances where one has to “choose” between “God” and “parents”, the verses such as the ones below make “sense” – literally:

For I (Lord Jesus) have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law--” (Matthew 10:35)

True Love (in God) always gives you a Choice (whether to do Good or Evil) but also Warns you of its consequences and Judgment!

P/S 4:

God’s Love alone is Truly Unconditional since in the end, He Will bring you all men too into Heaven One Day! (during the age to come)
Right now, He also allows each one of you to “prove yourselves” (especially based on your own principles which you adhere too – does your life & action prove that in the end? – Time will tell). 😉

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