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A Notable Math Olympian

A Genius with a better intention.

Dr. Grigori Perelman (in picture) represented his country Russia to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in the past and obtained a “perfect score”.

He solved a great “previously unsolved problem in Mathematics” (for the last century or so), i.e. one of the seven millennium problems (which are each tagged at a price reward of USD 1 million each).

He solved the “Poincare Conjecture” and put it “free” on the Internet. Yes, really.

*I recently shared his story to the students of “Project Ilham’s Math Olympiad Camp at AIMST, Kedah”.

**As I last remember, he “never married”.

***The Fields Medal is the highest Honour in Mathematics as it is considered an equivalent to a Nobel Prize. Note that there is “no” Nobel Prize for the category of Mathematics hence the Fields Medal covers this.

“few men are of virtue as legendary as this in modern times… Many would just jump to grab at money, power, fame, women, other rewards & perks given the opportunity. Well done Dr. Perelman, well done!”


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