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Human True Love?


Here’s something closer to the Truth:

(i) For a man, it’s mostly about how pretty a girl is (face or body or both)

(ii) For a woman, it’s mostly about how rich & secure a man is

(iii) Exceptions to the above are there but rare.


Men or women often reject their counterpart based on the criteria (or reasons) pertaining to the above.

Let’s be blunt and speak the Truth rather than talk about “True love” (which all of us know is almost impossible – why?)

Here, please consider this “proof” :

Almost all people agree that the most important criteria for “True love” is “selflessness”. But, any “marriage” is about satisfying “self desires” between two partners (from “physical sexual pleasure” to “feeling protected” & “obtaining things”).

Hence, a parental relationship, friendship or brother-sister (sibling) relationships seem closer to “True love approximation” among the “human relationships” since there is “minimal self gain in these”.

Just sharing some food for thought.


For example, if a man can love a girl as a friend/sister without touching her or having sex or any physical pleasure with her, it seems more pure in intention or motive wise.

Such type of best love is always the challenge since good things are the hardest but also merit the highest rewards if done in God and not self-glorification reasons which God alone will both reveal & judge “our hearts’ truth individually” on that “Great Day” too.




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