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Different: Overwork or do it for Free?

Do not labour to be rich; cease from thine own wisdom.” (Proverbs 23:4)

Thus, we “work” not to be rich but to “sustain oneself” and be “contended with it” (contentment). Overworking is certainly “disallowed”.

In other words, maintain a ‘simple working attitude’ —> if it makes you rich that way, it’s fine —> but if not, we may well be content with what we have.

The world teaches ‘opposite’ to this —> “overwork” —> and God instructs in the verse above to —> “cease from thine own wisdom” (e.g. ‘overworking’ or ‘anything’ which teaches contrary to the verse above).

Remember, “do not” and “cease”.


That’s why, I work in like manner too (I don’t like nor agree in working overtime and especially not for “more money” and certainly prefer two off days in a week).

At times we may be called to walk the extra mile during work too, but only “at times” (if it becomes a habit with respect to work, it contradicts the command above —> at best, ‘extra miles’ should “not” be rewarded with ‘extra money’ hence it’s different from what’s told ‘not’ to do in the verse above which basically refers to ‘work’ that makes ‘rich’ or adds ‘money/wealth’).

Thus, ‘any extra work’ with “no” extra money paid for it is “not” referred to in the verse above but it gains ‘spiritual credit/reward’ as then it may be classified as a way to ‘walk the extra mile’ (for “free”).

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