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A Joke Regarding Teamwork


How is it true (the picture)?

The “poor” is usually “hired” to do the “actual work” while the rich or owners either just “manage it” or “help in a little here & there”.

Next, a definition (for the words used here, I think you will get the idea soon):

Net Profit = Gross Income – All Costs

*All Costs = Rent, All Salaries of both owners & staff, Company Savings, All Expenses etc.

Now, here’s the joke on Teamwork:

Say the Owners (or Bosses) contribute in about 5% of the Entire Workload while the Workers contribute together in about in 95% of that Workload.

However when it comes to “Net Profit Sharing”, it’s an Irony that the owners usually demand 95% of it while the remaining 5% is to be received by the Worker(s).

And they call it “work smart”.
I call it “Un-Christlike”.

Of course, they wouldn’t bother about Christ’s Blessed Words (such as the verse below) which refutes “any counter argument” simply because “none” of the “smart workers” would ever work “for you” (switching roles – you being the boss/owner instead) under these “same conditions”.

“In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” – Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:12)

*So, this is a “daily” manner how we may “fail” following the “Law & Prophets” as our Blessed Saviour reveals.


To “not” heed His Perfect Way may just close the door of Heaven against us.

We need to change.

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