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Do you Love God?

If you do, you’ll keep His Commands as it’s written in His Word (Bible) as the verse below states “literally”:

Verse (1 John 5:3):

Weymouth New Testament
Love for God means obedience to His commands; and His commands are not irksome.

World English Bible
For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. His commandments are not grievous.

Young’s Literal Translation
for this is the love of God, that His commands we may keep, and His commands are not burdensome;

What if someone does not obey or keep His Commands (in the Book – Bible – Holy Scripture)?

Simple: It only “proves” that the “person” who does “contrary to His Commands” does “not Love” God but “not” the other way around as the verse above means “literally”.

This is the Truth about “God” that “He doesn’t stop Loving” because, it’s also written that “God is Love” and also that His “Love never fails”.

Lastly, how much we Love God is proven by how much we choose to obey His Commands (may be literally inferred from this same verse in 1 John 5:3 above without any difficulties – literally).


The only time Christ got angry till he pushed tables, made a whip etc in the entire Gospels was when He dealt with people doing business around His Temple.

This happened to the ones who did business (money based trades) “outside” the “temple” (church).

What do you think Lord Jesus would do today that they’re doing business (selling books, CD’s, souvenirs and even ‘sermon tapes/videos) “in His Name” and “inside” the “church” (temple)?

Don’t just think about “what” happened but also “why” it happened to “understand” it and “not” make the “similar mistakes” (knowledge which leads to wisdom when we act on it).

P/S 2:
Here’s a nice quote:

“He (the one who knows God) is eager to give thanks because of his good conscience. Once he is with Christ, he shows that he is worthy, through his purity, to receive the power of God that is administered through Christ. He receives this power through a process of blending into Christ. He does not wish to be warm by merely receiving heat. Neither does he wish to glow by merely reflecting the light of the flame. No, he wants to be light himself.”

Clement of Alexandria, Miscellanies

The quote above reminds me of:

Christ said to His disciples, “ye are the light of the world”.

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