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Math Olympiad Classes in Kajang


Affordable Mathematics Olympiad Classes at Kajang for Secondary School Students

“All are welcome”


For further information, one may consult me by calling (tel. mobile) 010-8803 763 (Jonathan)


Class structure (classroom style delivery):

“All lessons will be in English & occasionally some explanations will also be done in Malay.

Students are required to bring their own writing notebook & stationery as the Math coach will copy down both the questions, solutions & relevant discussions on the whiteboard. Hence, the students are required to copy that down by themselves.

Teaching is delivered via the Classic Math Olympiad coaching style where topics, strategies or techniques will be presented on an exploration basis approach since there is “no” fixed Syllabus for the Olympiads.

Students who are interested to sign up must have good academic results in their school Maths without which they may be unable to follow the lessons here.

See ya there!”

Thank you πŸ‘Œ


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