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The “sword” Christ speaks of is certainly “not” launching wars or killing in His Name as this was never done by Him nor His apostles.

The “sword” refers to the “absence of peace” on the “earth” due to the “Truth” being Revealed which causes the “ancient traditions” which are rooted in “lies” to be “challenged” & “refuted” absolutely.

We’re only allowed to “fight” (only spiritual war is allowed) with “words”. Nothing more is allowed nor commanded in the Gospels.

Follow Lord Jesus Christ: Don’t agree with “wrong acts” in the world.

Speak up against them but do not do any act of Judgment toward them by your own hands (New Testament Covenant does not allow otherwise).

What if they continue to do evil and not repent?

“Leave them alone” for their “end is destruction” (in the afterlife) for God will “repay with vengeance” rightly.

As for you, be glad that you’ve done “your part” in “warning” them of the error of their ways.

Hear “both sides” and make “your decision” regarding a matter after that.

But remember, the “truth” has only “one” side because “truth is one” (it doesn’t have contradictions nor opposite elements co-existing in it —> as God removes “lies & false” things from the world in “steps” of “time”).

Don’t be deceived.

Jesus said: Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

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