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Worldly Quotes

Don’t be fooled by “worldly quotes” (fake).

For example, a person will teach you “not to criticize others” but then these “same” person will also criticize his enemies, those who disagree with his views, the government for being unfair etc.

A true quote will teach you to “criticize” anything “evil” but in “words only” (no actions by yourself except by the relevant “authorities”).


If we’re to be totally “un-criticizing”, then if you saw a paedophile touching your child in the name of love, would you keep quiet?

Yup, that’s why the Law was given for the “correct” execution of Judgment.

I foresee an increase in paedophiles as LGBT is legalized in America.

Here’s the sister – daughter test:
Send your little sisters, daughters & sons to LGBTs for daycare etc if you support the pride truly. These may educate your children to be like the very LGBT that you cherish & support.

Anything else is just plain hypocrisy.

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