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Even babies are against LGBT

Someone wrote:

“Just remember this guys…you were born because ur parents were straight!”
An excellent point.

More accurately, you were born “naturally” because your parents were straight.

Nature is NOT pro-LGBT.
To prove it otherwise, say using the popular idea of evolution (for the sake of argument), “nature” must evolve to make a child bearing LGBT (it’ll never happen – guaranteed).

LGBT is a “fake” thing.
In fact, it’s actually a Psychological cum Physical disease which originates from Demonic sources in the spirit realm (a fact I learned from the demons I encountered personally in the past).

Science can’t see the links because the spirit realm is “hidden” and your instruments can’t “see enough”.

Well, you can’t measure time with a weighing scale, right? So is Science’s current methods to detect the hidden realm of the afterlife.

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