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Eternal Hell Refuted by A True Testimony – Biography 2 of 2

The Real Vision & Truth about Hell by a true Christian in our times, Sadhu Sundar Singh who had direct personal encounter with Christ, our Blessed Lord & All-Powerful Saviour.

The images show the reprint of an original biography of which were the earliest & by Christian men who walked with Sundar Singh.

Note that these Christian men (Appasamy & Streeter) may have ‘believed in eternal Hell’ but I applaud their “honesty” in writing the truth that Sadhu Sundar Singh was revealed by his later visions that this is “not” the case agreeing to original Greek Bible of the New Testament.

Blessed Saviour of the World!

(“Let the world rejoice, let the angels sing that our KING is born to save us all” – Song titled ‘Son of God’)

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