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Truth in Marriage?

Indeed, the picture reveals deeper meanings which are often “not” talked about aloud.

(i) A boy failing in exams either ends up with a difficult job or if he’s lucky, makes a lot of money in business.

(ii) A girl failing in exams is no big deal (especially if she’s pretty) since to “attain the rich life”, she just needs to “marry a successful exam passing man or just a rich guy”.


In case you haven’t realized, the “opposite” rarely happens where an “exam passing or rich business woman” marries “a man” who “does not do better than her in life (financially).” They are “too intelligent” to love the poor man.

However, it’s common to see “successful men” who marry “trophy wives” (pretty wives) who are neither “intellectually equivalent” nor “business wise successful” as them.

Statistics, look around you.

To prove something otherwise, you have to prove that “you didn’t do it as described above”. Then, you’re an exception to a more “honest intention in your marriage”.

So, how many “exceptions” (marriages) which are “more true” are there? Only God knows.

In fact, I like David Beckham and his wife’s marriage since both are quite “equivalent” (financially, good looks, talents & success wise) and both could live on their own without getting married to each other. Hence, I believe that they got married because of “Love”, which is good.


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