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God taught me Music through an extraordinary man

My music teacher = Mr. Robert Chelliah

He is a “gem of a person” regardless of the fact that we have parted ways on our theological standpoint.

I respect his tireless efforts and “free” lessons (sincere, never collected any money) which he gave me (he taught me all I know about the guitar – Rhythm, Bass & Lead).

He is definitely the “best, No.1 aog Christian” of all time in my judgment. He loved much and is a true “gentle” man in word, action and conduct.

Honestly speaking, I have found no man as “clean” (in words, action and the thoughts which he shared) within the local vicinity of Kajang, my hometown, thus far.

You have my salute sir!

I never forgot any of your great deeds not just to me but a whole bunch of us for a long span of years!

I remember everything!

“Loyalty runs deep”
(God forbid that I forget)

I say, “Thank You sir!”

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