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Heaven and Hell – Visions & Real Visits – Knowing in PARTS




Please remember that Swedenborg was an ‘Eternal Hell believer’ but Sadhu Sundar Singh who met him in the heavens was a Christian Universalist.


Swedenborg believed that afterlife repentance and salvation by Christ is impossible.


Sadhu Sundar Singh was revealed deeper in his similar visions of heaven and hell in that both afterlife repentance and salvation by Christ is POSSIBLE.




Please find it in posts below:


1) Swedenborg


(i) Swedenborg also mentions of ‘Sheepfold2’ referring to ‘good people from other religions’


Page 426:


“Behind these are the places where those are taught who died in adult age, and who in the world had an affection for truth derived from good of life. Again, behind these are those who in the world were connected with the Mohammedan religion, and lived a moral life and acknowledged one Divine, and the Lord as the very Prophet. When these withdraw from Mohammed, because he can give them no help, they approach the Lord and worship him and acknowledge his Divinity, and they are then instructed in the Christian religion. Behind these more to the north are the places of instruction of various heathen nations who in the world have lived a good life in conformity with their religion, and have thereby acquired a kind of conscience, and have done what is just and right not so much from a regard to the laws of their government, as from a regard to the laws of religion, which they believed ought to be sacredly observed, and in no way violated by their doings. When these have been taught they are all easily led to acknowledge the Lord, because it is impressed on their hearts that God is not invisible, but is visible under a human form. These in number exceed all the rest, and the best of them are from Africa.


But all are not taught in the same way, nor by the same societies of heaven. Those that have been brought up from childhood in heaven, not having imbibed falsities from the falsities of religion or defiled their spiritual life with the dregs pertaining to honors and riches in the world, receive instruction from the angels of the interior heavens; while those that have died in adult age receive instruction mainly from angels of the lowest heaven, because these angels are better suited to them than the angels of the interior heavens, who are in interior wisdom which is not yet acceptable to them. But the Mohammedans receive instruction from angels who had been previously in the same religion and had been converted to Christianity. The heathen, too, are taught by their angels.”


Page 427:


“All teaching there is from doctrine drawn from the Word, and not from the Word apart from doctrine. Christians are taught from heavenly doctrine, which is in entire agreement with the internal sense of the Word. All others, as the Mohammedans and heathen, are taught from doctrines suited to their apprehension, which differ from heavenly doctrine only in this, that spiritual life is taught by means of moral life in harmony with the good tenets of their religion from which they had derived their life in the world. 517. Instruction in the heavens differs from instruction on earth in that knowledges are not committed to memory, but to life; for the memory of spirits is in their life, for they receive and imbibe everything that is in harmony with their life, and do not receive, still less imbibe, what is not in harmony with it; for spirits are affections, and are therefore in a human form that is similar to their affections. [2] Being such they are constantly animated by an affection for truth that looks to the uses of life; for the Lord provides for everyone’s loving the uses suited to his genius; and that love is exalted by the hope of becoming an angel. And as all the uses of heaven have relation to the general use, which is the good of the Lord’s kingdom, which in heaven is the fatherland, and as all special and particular uses are to be valued in proportion as they more closely and fully have regard to that general use, so all of these special and particular uses, which are innumerable, are good and heavenly; therefore in everyone an affection for truth is so conjoined with an affection for use that the two make one; and thereby truth is so implanted in use that the truths they acquire are truths of use. In this way are angelic spirits taught and prepared for heaven.”


(ii) Swedenborg believed in Eternal Hell


Page 436:


“There were some who had believed that when after death they should hear Divine truths from the angels they would readily accept them and believe them, and consequently live a different life, and could thus be received into heaven. But this was tried with very many, although it was confined to those who held this belief, and was permitted in their case to teach them that repentance is not possible after death.”


Page 437:


“By these and other experiments the simple good were taught that no one’s life can by any means be changed after death; and that an evil life can in no way be converted into a good life, or an infernal life into an angelic life, for every spirit from head to heel is such as his love is, and therefore such as his life is; and to convert his life into its opposite is to destroy the spirit completely. The angels declare that it would be easier to change a night owl into a dove, or a horned owl into a bird of paradise, than to change an infernal spirit into an angel of heaven. That man after death continues to be such as his life had been in the world can be seen above in its own chapter (n. 470–484). From all this it is evident that no one can be received into heaven from mercy apart from means”


Pg 499:


“But on the other hand the heavens never assault the hells, for the Divine sphere that goes forth from the Lord is a perpetual effort to save all; and as those who are in the hells cannot be saved (since all who are there are in evil and are antagonistic to the Divine of the Lord),”


2) Sadhu Sundar Singh


Example: Sadhu Sundar Singh’s Visions of Heaven and Hells (plural – refers to the many afterlife punishment regions) agrees to all this (for example: he mentioned that ‘hindu saints’ have accepted Him as Lord and Saviour in the afterlife – afterlife repentance, an example of sheepfold2 as claimed).


Please don’t forget that the infamous eternal hell preacher, brother DGS Dhinakaran wrote that he saw Sadhu Sundar Singh (the Christian Universalist) in heaven too. Can you see it?




“For we know in part and we prophesy in part; but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away.” – apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 13:9 – 10, NASB)


P/S: Sadhu Sundar Singh did NOT believe in an eternal Hell


An Famous Example Quote:


In February, 1929, the year Sundar disappeared on his final missionary trip to Tibet, he was interviewed by several theology students in Calcutta, India, where he answered their questions:


(Question #3) Did the Sadhu think there was eternal punishment? — “There was punishment, but it was not eternal…Everyone after this life would be given a fair chance of making good, and attaining to the measure of fullness the soul was capable of. This might sometimes take ages.”


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