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Anonymous Christian

Anonymous Christian

Why the name?

Anonymous Christian.

We are anonymous because we only want to be identified with One Name, Christian – literally.


Even history does not record the name of more than 99.99% of these anonymous Christians who believed in the True Gospel – hence the “name”.

This is the truth. These anonymous Christians were the “majority” in the earliest times of Christianity when the doctrine of Truth was least adulterated.


Here it is (again) uttered by the champions of “eternal torment” itself (by the mouths of the “enemies” itself):

Throughout the centuries there have been sincere Christians in all these groups.

Even Augustine of Hippo, the champion of eternal torment said in his day, “There are very many (imo quam plurimi, which can be translated majority) who though not denying the Holy Scriptures, do not believe in endless torments.” (Enchiria, ad Laurent. c. 29)

St. Basil the Great (c. 329-379) in his De Asceticis wrote: “The mass of men (Christians) say that there is to be an end of punishment to those who are punished.



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