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Forgiveness – Secret of Forgiveness – Mercy to ALL eventually


Christ Forgave “them” as thus as per the quote in picture (His Unchanging Principle):

“But Jesus was saying, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing…” (23:34, NASB)


Isn’t that a Great Reason of Hope for ALL of us to be Forgiven Eventually since He does NOT Change?


Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for Thy Great Mercy!


P/S: Leadership by Example


‘Christ Walks His Talk and I am not your spiritual leader; only Lord Jesus Christ is.’ – Anonymous



His GREAT MERCY is Promised to ALL Prophetically in Verse below:


“For God has shut up ALL in DISOBEDIENCE so that He may show MERCY to ALL.” – apostle Paul (Romans 11:32, NASB – the Last Word or Conclusion of ALL Judgment of God)


or in another ‘Manuscript’:


“For God hath concluded them ALL in UNBELIEF, that He might have MERCY upon ALL.” (Romans 11:32, KJV)


*Maybe? There are NO “maybe’s” in the Original Biblical Koine Greek here. It’s ‘added’ in translation. The Meaning in Greek is that ‘it will come to pass’ [Mercy in Greek here is ‘Aorist Subjunctive ACTIVE’ – Let’s ‘go figure’].


For example? Here it is:


The Aorist Tense: NO TIME LIMIT – It applies to ALL TIME


“In Ancient Greek, the indicative aorist is one of the two main forms used in telling a story; it is used for undivided events, such as the individual steps in a continuous process (narrative aorist); it is also used for events that took place before the story itself (past-within-past). The aorist indicative is also used to express things that happen in general, without asserting a time (the “gnomic aorist”). It can also be used of present and future events; the aorist also has several specialized senses meaning present action.”




Isn’t it IRREFUTABLE now? Checkmate.


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