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Gehenna – Is Salvation possible from Gehenna?



Secrets from the Wise Jews may be seen as follows:


(i) What’s the Difference between Gehenna and Sheol (Hades)?


To quote (Page 34):


“Hanhart (1966:32) states that according to Jeremias, however, it is fundamental

for our understanding of the New Testament to make a sharp distinction between Hades

and Gehenna.


Hades is used exclusively for the interim period, Gehenna on the other side

for a state of punishment after the last judgment. In Hades, the punishment is provisional, in Gehenna eternal.”


(ii) Can the Messiah [Lord Jesus Christ] Save from Gehenna (the Final Judgment, Lake of Fire) itself?


To quote (Page 38):


“Bernard (1915:290) quotes two passages from the Bereshith Rabba to show that this idea was prominent in Jewish literature. He is, however, unsure of the dating of the literature.


Nevertheless, it still demonstrates the basic purpose of the descent:


‘When they are bound, they that are in Gehinnom, saw the light of the Messiah, they

rejoiced to receive him’; and ‘This is that which stands written, We shall rejoice and exult thee.




When the captives climb out of hell, and the Shechinah at their head.’


The only difference here is that the captives are in Gehinnom and not Sheol.”




Source for both Quotes are from this phD Dissertation (link below, please read it). Indeed, the phD thesis I referred to may be found in link below:


Here’s a Word of Wisdom when reading such ‘Research’:


‘Focus on their facts, and not their interpretation or acceptation of it’ – Anonymous



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