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Go after God

After the Steps of God Himself

It is better to be hurt by others than to hurt others.


Because this is another truth about God.

When we all hurt God, He chose to Love us back instead by purposing even Judgment for our betterment and change instead of avenging immortal death or destroying us all into oblivion.

Understand that God’s Wrath and Judgment too are with the One Purpose of Him in changing you to be in truth so that you may be received into His endless Kingdom too.

Therefore, strive to follow Him only and you’ll understand the Perfect Ways of God in truth.

How? here’s an example of truth:

All means all.

God doesn’t step on the faces of those who have fallen and He doesn’t change from this Good either.

Meditate on this and you’ll be astounded by how Good God really is:

“Jehovah is supporting all who are falling, And raising up all who are bowed down” (Psalm 145:14)

It applies to “all”, whether the good or bad because the verse tells the truth that it applies to “all”.

Only evil steps each others’ faces and even kills each other for its own gratification but remember that this vanity too is “temporal”.

For “all” will repent and be reconciled to Him (Colossians 1:20) as He restores them all too (Acts 3:21) into a new creation in Christ alone.

Isn’t the Lord Good? (literally meant).

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