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Hell – How long does it last?





If anyone goes to Hell with their SOULS after they die, how long will they stay there?




“Age-duringly” as “God Wills” till the “last penny” (in principle of Judgment, Luke 12:59).


Immediate afterlife Judgment Verses: Hebrews 9:27, Luke 16:19 – 31.


Who says so?


That’s how both Justin Martyr and Irenaeous of Lyons understood afterlife Judgments too in that some “souls” (with/without bodies – ‘all things’) are to “continue in that sinful existence” to ‘be punished to receive back their own evil’ (Galatians 6:7, Hebrews 9:27) as long as “God Wills” before their “souls die too” (Ezekiel 18:4) to be “made anew”.


Believers in Faith of Jesus Christ do NOT experience any afterlife Judgment (John 5:24) having been judged during their earthly lives prior (Hebrews 12:8).




(i) Irenaeous


“… So also any one who thinks thus respecting SOULS and SPIRITS, and, in fact, respecting ALL CREATED THINGS, will not by any means go far astray, inasmuch as all things that have been made had a beginning when they were formed, but endure as long as God wills that they should have an existence and continuance [in that State of sin & punishment – “Afterlife SOUL with SPIRIT Context”].” (St. Irenaeous of Lyons, ‘Against Heresies’, Book II, Chapter XXXIV.-Souls Can Be Recognised in the Separate State, and are Immortal Although They Once Had a Beginning, first part of Point 3)


[Emphasis Mine in Brackets]


(ii) Justin Martyr


In the fifth chapter of his Dialogue, Justin himself, having admitted that the soul is NOT immortal, says:


“But I do NOT say, indeed, that all SOULS DIE; for that were truly a piece of good fortune to the evil.


What then? The souls of the pious remain in a better place, while those of the unjust and WICKED are in a worse [place], waiting for the time of judgment.


Thus some [SOULS] which have appeared WORTHY of God NEVER DIE; but others [SOULS] are PUNISHED so long as GOD WILLS them to EXIST [in this state to endure their OWN SINS, Galatians 6:7, Isaiah 3:11] and to be PUNISHED.”


I have no reason to understand it differently from how Justin & Irenaeous understood Scripture in that way as their own words imply, sir.




More Scriptural Exegesis and Bible Verses in line to this Understanding is found in the Book in link below for further edification:


Peace to you


Edifying Comments:


Let God Decide the Duration sir, why imagine a number like a million years which God hasn’t specified?


Let’s not make vain arguments based on speculations sir.


Also, Justin affirms that the ancient wise man Plato got this part right regarding the afterlife Judgment of God agreeing to the “Prophets” of the Bible too (implied, as it is Described in Pages 17-18 or Pages 23 -25 of the FREE downloadable pdf e-Book quoted in link above).


So, I will stick with the Verses quoted (e. g. Luke 16:19 – 31, Luke 12:59), Plato, Justin Martyr and Irenaeous.


It’s a free World. We can choose to believe whatever we want.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.





























Secret: A SPECIAL HOPE remains for the “poor”


Is it fair? Yes because the ‘rich have received their consolation in this life itself’ (Luke 6:24).


Example: Lazarus the ‘beggar’ (poor) went to the blessed afterlife abode called Abraham’s Bosom in Luke 16:19 – 31.






“And turning His gaze toward His disciples, He began to say, “Blessed are you who are POOR, for YOURS is the KINGDOM of GOD.” – Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 6:20, NASB)



But doesn’t the Verse above refer to ‘poor in spirit’ (Matthew 5:3)? Yes, that too but Luke 6:20 refers to the ‘materially poor’. Both Verses are True as Christ Mentions BOTH clearly.


Who agrees with such a Context?


In Justin Martyr’s Mysterious words below itself which is Written in the CONTEXT of JUDGMENT regarding ENTERING HIS KINGDOM, please consider:


“Further, to persuade you that you have NOT UNDERSTOOD ANYTHING of the SCRIPTURES, I will REMIND you of another PSALM


… But that you may PERCEIVE what I have said, I quote the words of the Psalm; they are these: ‘O God, give Thy JUDGMENT to the KING, and Thy RIGHTEOUSNESS unto the KING’s SON [Lord Jesus Christ], to JUDGE Thy people with Righteousness, and Thy POOR with JUDGMENT…


and ALL the KINGS of the EARTH shall WORSHIP HIM, and ALL the NATIONS shall SERVE HIM: [Why?]


for He has DELIVERED the POOR from the man of power, and the NEEDY that hath NO HELPER. He [Lord Jesus Christ] shall SPARE the POOR and NEEDY, and shall SAVE the SOULS of the NEEDY: He [Lord Jesus Christ] shall REDEEM their SOULS from usury and injustice, and His Name shall be honourable before them.


… ALL NATIONS shall call Him [Lord Jesus Christ] BLESSED [when His Justice Described prior which SAVES the SOULS of the NEEDY and REDEEMS their SOULS during JUDGMENT, implied from the above  by the 7th or Last day of this AGE1 – ain’t Justin Martyr proving himself to be DEEPLY WISE again?].


Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, Who only doeth WONDROUS things; and Blessed be His Glorious Name for ever [to the “AGE”, AEON1], and for ever and ever [for the ‘ages of AGES’, AEON2, AEON3, … till His JUDGMENT is FULFILLED – ‘Context’]; and the whole earth shall be filled with His Glory. Amen, amen.” (St. Justin Martyr, DIALOGUE WITH TRYPHO, CHAPTER XXXIV)


Translation Source:


Please note ‘carefully’ that Justin Martyr is quoting the SALVATION of the POOR —> example: e [Lord Jesus Christ] shall SPARE the POOR and NEEDY, and shall SAVE the SOULS of the NEEDY —-> in the CONTEXT of the JUDGMENT into His Kingdom of the Heavens because —–> Justin first mentions that “ALL the KINGS of the EARTH shall WORSHIP HIM, and ALL the NATIONS shall SERVE HIM” before this happens —> indicating that this must be AFTER Christ’s Return —> toward the CONTEXT of ‘Thy POOR with JUDGMENT’ in Justin’s own words —> which agrees to Christ’s Beautiful Remark in Luke 6:20 —> literally agreeing to Justice toward the Poor in the ‘afterlife Context’ too as Abraham Echoed likewise in Luke 16:25.


God’s Justice is PERFECT.


Remember, this is a Mysterious Meaning to the Infamous Beautiful Titles which the Lord Accepted when He was Called ‘the NAZARENE’, i.e. the KING of HEAVEN Himself CHOSE to be ONE with the POOR (John 1:46 with John 18:5 – “Verses”). Irrefutable.




Yes, if he practices these (God is Indeed STRICTER with the RICH to be ‘fair toward the poor who did not receive such an advantage in their earthly lives prior as opposed to their rich counterparts’ – Can you see how FAIR God really is? Perfect):


“INSTRUCT THE RICH in the PRESENT AGE (AEON, AGE1) not to be high-minded, nor to have hope in the uncertainty of riches, but on God, the One richly providing us all things for enjoyment; to DO GOOD, to be RICH in GOOD WORKS, to be GENEROUS in DISTRIBUTING, READY to SHARE, treasuring up for themselves a good foundation for the future [AEON2 onward], so that they may take hold of that which is indeed life [AGE-DURING life in AEON2 onward].” – apostle Paul (1 Timothy 6:17 – 19, NASB)

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