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Is God the Destroyer?

No; it’s not even one of His Names!

I will not execute My burning anger; I will not again destroy Ephraim; for I am God and not a man, the Holy One in your midst, and I will not come in wrath.” (Hosea 11:9)

Being God —> He doesn’t ‘completely’ destroy —> rather than a “common fallacy” in the world that teaches the ‘exact opposite’.

Can you see it?


Why does God destroy or allow destruction?
To ‘destroy evil/falsehood’ and eventually ‘rebuild/restore’ all things back in accordance to His Will —> in time —> both now and into the ages which are coming (as the ‘Potter & Clay’ analogy reveals —> to those who ‘know’ it).


Yes, God ‘created’ the destroyer but some cultures have ‘falsely’ worshiped ‘the destroyer’ instead out of ‘fear’ (i.e. even the ‘destroyer’ is a ‘creation’ and ‘not god’):

Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals And brings out a weapon for its work; And I have created the destroyer to destroy.” (Isaiah 54:16)

This verse (below) may be a message to ‘all destroyers’ (be it men or angels), who knows for certain but God alone? (God assures His ‘woe’ upon destroyers as follows):

Woe to you, destroyer, you who have not been destroyed! Woe to you, betrayer, you who have not been betrayed! When you stop destroying, you will be destroyed; when you stop betraying, you will be betrayed.” (Isaiah 33:1)

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