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How is the Love of God unconditional?

How is the Love of God unconditional?

A trait of God’s Unconditional Love: Impartial in Love.

If a man can Love two people “equally”, say his father an a stranger or his mother against a friend, then he’s beginning to be more Christlike because this Love is devoid of the “family/blood relation” condition too.

Why? That’s how God is. God doesn’t Love us because of any conditions but because He is Love as C.S. Lewis also testified to this truth.

However, when we “sin”, we don’t “abide/remain” in His Love because we have gone away from Him (not the other way around -freewill).

In the Gospels, we find a clue to this beautiful “unconditional Love” of “Lord Jesus alone” perfectly; At one time, some of the disciples said that His mother (Mary) wanted to meet Him. Lord Jesus replied that anyone who does the “Will of God” is His mother etc. What Christ is “literally” and truthfully saying is that He makes no distinction between “anyone” even with respect to His earthly mother (Mary).

In short, Christ views all men “equally” with respect to one doing the “Will of God”.

As I outlined above, doing the Will of God is not a condition to be Loved by God but rather it assures that we “remain/abide” in His Love. In other words, when we don’t do the will of God (and sin), we find ourselves “going away” from Him.

That is, we being “partial” towards wanting to “remain in sin” (our freewill choice), end up running away from the True Light to abide in darkness.

Remember, we are the ones who “demand” to be “Loved” with the “condition” of remaining in “sin”. Who’s “conditional”? We who abide in “sin” with “sin” being “our condition” (literally).


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