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Sometimes you need to understand the lie to see the truth.
Sometimes you need to feel the punch to desire painlessness.
Sometimes you need to experience evil to appreciate good.
Sometimes you need to be wrong to learn right.
Sometimes you need to be correct to exercise mercy.
Sometimes you need to be rejected to be a friend.
Sometimes you need to see through His eyes to understand reason.
Sometimes you need to be judged to be just.
Sometimes you need to be lost to be found.
Sometimes you need to be hated to comprehend love.

Sometimes you need to go through the “above” at “all times” to walk a day in God’s shoe!

And yet, He loves us all (That’s Who Lord Jesus really is: As it is written, “God is Love”).

Indeed, it shall come to pass what Scripture records: “They hated Me without a reason”. (John 15:25 fulfilling Psalm 69:4 – note a ‘hidden’ meaning implied in the psalm that being ‘hated’ for no reason has something to do with the Hated Person (Christ – as we see in John 15:25) to yet “restore” what He did not steal (psalm 69:4) correlating with God’s One Reason to “Restore all things” (not some things or Christian things only – Acts 3:21). The Scripture is such and only makes sense under “Christian universalism” simply because there’re plenty of ‘reasons’ to hate a ‘god’ who burns purposelessly with ‘eternal fire’ but none for the Savior Who offered Himself to Hell to pay for your sins and in the end, obtained the “keys” of hell itself to unlock and set free “all” in its appropriate times to bring about the salvation of the whole world after justice has been served… Remember, it’s not “unfair” or evil for God to execute judgment simply because He didn’t even spare His own Son the tortures of “pain”… There is plenty of “reason” as to “why” we all deserve to be in “pain” in “hell” but there’s “no reason” for His Son to suffer the “worst pain” just to “save” us all… Why then did He do it? Love…


1. We can’t even take the “pain” of words… how are we going to take “hits”?… We need not because “He has taken the hits for us all”… He doesn’t say plainly many things about Himself. Why? because He’s the Most Humble One: The Son of God… How do I know it to conjecture thus? I don’t just know about Him, I know Him who heals me, restores me and silences my violence with His Love… He’s too beautiful to be “betrayed”… That’s why we will “try” our best to follow Him. It’s the highest honour to be identified with His Name: Jesus.

2.  Peter knew something of this…that’s why he cried to Jesus, “depart from me, Lord! for I’m a sinful man”… we all know Him not just “about” Him. Can these words come forth from insanity or is it a proof of absolute sanity? Or, is this from the devil? You judge. By the measure you judge you’ll be judged.

3. Indeed… “He was in the world, and the world was made through Him and yet the world knew Him not”. (John 1:10)


They are here to tell you that they “love” you while their god “will stop loving you” (when you’re tossed into an eternal hell) whereas I’m here to tell you that “I don’t love you” (5 minutes with me and you’ll see it) but I cannot lie about Him, that is “God really loves you” (that is why His Son solves ‘all problems’)…

P/S: Is there a ‘reason’ not to believe Him (Lord Jesus)? Is there a ‘reason’ to believe anything else? Absolutely not, for me. He is more than enough because He will not “cast out” when they come (willingly turn back) to Him, one day for ‘all’…


Love is both the easiest thing to receive and also the hardest thing to give… Who’s Love? God’s Love.

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