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Money- Demand- Judgment -Doom

Be careful what “you demand” in others especially when you’re paying with “your money” because it’s written that “with the measure you judge (e.g. Your money-paying demands), it will be measured back to you (in the afterlife judgment – who knows? With “same” level judgment by which you demanded first, you will paid in hell to produce the same results too. That’s perfect fairness. Didn’t you all say, you’re seeking perfect fairness? Be careful of what you ask / demand).

To summarize, a verse in the Bible beautifully also says, “…evil men don’t understand judgment”.

In other words, you don’t realize that your increase in arrogance resulting from the increase of “mammon” (money) is actually making you “ripe” for “your own words to condemn you to hell by your same level of money-talk”.

Don’t y’all like to quote, “no money, no talk?”
You brood of serpents, let’s see how you fare with “your money” on Judgment Day.

Point is: “A righteous man treats others with great mercy & love to all even to those who have faulted him because he understands Judgment literally”.


He knows that if he forgives easily (and sincerely too), he may be shown the same mercy by God (Who has no partiality) for it’s written also that, “If you do not forgive the sins of others, neither will the heavenly Father forgive you”.

Here’s an example to illustrate the above.

Parents who pay “money” demand the “result” out of the “teacher” thinking that they can “buy” knowledge and wisdom.

Read and learn how you’re digging your own grave by doing this:

Whose fault?

A teacher is only at fault if he/she fails to teach or figure out a solution to a problem/question in the subject which he/she is teaching because a teacher must master the subject which he/she is teaching at the relevant level (Teacher’s job description).

The rest of the time it’s the fault of the students (if they choose not to study) and of the parents (if you couldn’t provide financially to meet the educational needs of your children with respect to studies).


Because studying is a student’s role while providing is the parent’s role in the family.

Remember, no one will escape Judgment.
Be wise. The “measure you judge others (e.g. for your “own roles”), it will be measured back to you”.

Money doesn’t buy a scapegoat (in the form of a teacher) in your own children’s failure with respect to knowledge & wisdom.

Lastly, but not least, money “cannot” buy both “knowledge & wisdom”.

Respect teachers and don’t blame them for something which is “not” their “role” at all because we know this when if we switch to another teacher, the “failure in education” remains the “same” (proving it’s not the teacher’s fault).

We are not God and don’t try to be God with your money. I’m not buying it.

If you want to know who’s right, ask these two questions:

1. Do you think you can do any better if someone paid you for it?

If can, do it yourself by quitting school and teach your own child (live up to your own words).

If cannot, since you expect others to do things which you cannot, maybe the tables will turn when judgment is meted back to you in the same measure in the afterlife, that is you may be paid with “mammon” (money) in hell and will be expected to produce the “same” results which “you demanded” on earth to others thinking “your money” deserves that result (If it happens, you’ve no excuse since “you demanded it first in others being “cruel” with your “money” here on earth itself – “your own words will condemn you” – regardless).

2. Will God accept “your logic”?

God is “not” mocked for He Himself said, “you cannot serve both God and money”. In this context, your servitude of Mammon (money-god) produced the arrogance / pride in you to “demand” the results.

You can’t buy “knowledge & wisdom” with all the money in the world. You can buy non-living things, and some living things such as plants, pets and prostitutes (literally).

You will learn this phrase when the Day dawns, “your money perish with you” (literally).

This is “justice & righteousness” (literally).
God shows mercy on whom He wills (it’s written).

Only those who truly “fear God” behave more “respectfully” towards their “fellowmen” and even towards “evil men” because they “understand Judgment” (literally too).


Understanding Judgment

Lord Jesus Christ said, “with the measure you judge, you’ll be judged” and “judge not, and ye will not be judged and condemn not, and ye will not be condemned“.

If your reproof demands kindness, then the “same” judgment meted back to you demands the “same” acts of “kindness & holiness” only.

Thus it follows that if these acts are in your daily walk, you are not condemned by your own judgmental words (with regards to this only) when these are applied back to you on Judgment Day too.

Do you understand now?

It is written, “Evil men understand not judgment, And those seeking Jehovah understand all.” (Proverbs 28:5)

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