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Mystery or Secret of Enoch

God is The Merciful One.

“for all ages to come that no one might say
the Merciful One is cruel.” (Attributed to Enoch)

Here’s the source:

In the Hebrew book of Enoch (discovered by Dr. Jellinek in 1873, long after Joseph Smith’s time),

Enoch introduces himself to Rabbi Ishmael, who meets him in the seventh heaven in the heavenly temple and says to him,

“I am Enoch the son of Jared. When the generation of the flood committed sin, and said to God, turn away from us, for the knowledge of thy ways gives us no pleasure, then the Holy One delivered me from them that I might be a witness against them in the high heavens for all ages to come that no one might say the merciful one is cruel.”

Hidden wisdom?
(from a book once thought as Scripture by both camps, Tertullian of Rome & Clement of Alexandria – contemporaries).

“On the day of the great judgement he (fallen angel – watcher) shall be cast into the
fire. … would turn to ice ‘which would be for their healing’ though they did not
know it..”

Here’s the full one:

“67:11… And those waters themselves, in those days, suffer a change, for when those angels shall be condemned on those days, the heat of those fountains of the waters changes, and when the angels ascend, this water of the

67:12 fountains changes and becomes cold. And I heard the holy Michael answering and saying: “This judgment wherewith the angels are condemned is a testimony for the kings and the powerful and for those who hold the earth.

67:13 For these waters of judgment are a healing of the angels, and a death to their bodies, but they will not see and will not believe that those waters change, and will become a fire, which burns to the age.” (Enoch chapter 67:11 -13)

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