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Some would accuse the believers in the true Gospel to be following a “neo-platonism” philosophy. By using this “big word”, they confuse the truth seekers to keep away from “Christ – centered universalism”.

Firstly, I’m not a neo-platonist. What is neoplatonism? Most commonly, you may say that in this philosohy, “God is completely inaccessible to human beings and that man can only come to see God through a spiritual journey in which knowledge [γνῶσις] is rejected in favour of meditation”.

That explains it. Those of you who know me personally would consider me quite the opposite to what is described as a characteristic of a neoplatonist. Even your pastors have declared “I’ve never seen him (me) praying or fasting” (how much more hours in ‘meditation’) but only “reading the bible” (knowledge of the Word of God).

I prefer knowledge of the Word above “meditation, prayer & fasting” because the Word comes from God whilst the latter (meditation, prayer & fasting) is dependent on “self based works”. I don’t trust myself (meditation, prayer & fasting) but rather God (Knowledge of His Word).

Your pastor sounds more like the neoplatonist here (the opposite). They reject reading the Word if using knowledge to interpret it (I.e using non contradictory interpretations, logical deductions and reasonable doctrines). They deduce their contradictory, violent and unreasonable doctrines after much “fasting, prayer & meditation” instead of just taking the Word “literally’.

For an example, in Matthew 25:46, even ‘all’ their Greek professors know that ‘aionion’ (in Greek) means ‘age’ when taken “literally” instead of the erroneous translation “everlasting” when it’s taken as an “idiom” (an excuse, as though God taught idioms). Don’t believe me? Check their ‘literal’ translation, interlinear or even ask their “authority in Greek” professors.

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Jonathan Ramachandran is founder at which serves as a Christian Blog discussing the Greater Hope of Biblical Christian in Christ Alone. He is also an IMO (International Math Coach) and a featuring Guitarist for many bands.

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