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Ridiculing Teachers




















It reminds me of the “head math teacher” (ketua panitia matematik – male) who ridiculed me when I requested his signature in order for me to participate in the Malaysian National Mathematical Olympiad (Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan – OMK) competition in 2002.

He insulted, “you cannot do all these math la…”.

I did “not” insult that teacher back.


God had better plans.

In 2002, by God’s Grace, I won the No.2 overall prize for the ‘highest – Sulong’ (individual) category for that OMK 2002 competition with a ‘perfect score*’.

*Prof. Abu Osman informed me that though the No. 1 (winner) and I both attained perfect scores for that paper, the winner had a ‘better solution’ (or write-up) and that they can’t award “two” No.1 prizes. So, I was awarded the No.2 prize.

P/S 2:

Then, after several filtering math camps, I was one of the final six who represented Malaysia to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) at Glasgow, Scotland, UK in 2002. I was ‘no’ match at that level and failed miserably.

However, to date (2015), I am the only Indian (by ethnicity) Malaysian citizen ever to have represented Malaysia to the IMO after successfully qualifying through its grueling selection processes.

P/S 3:

Here’s a link (for the results):

OMK 2002:

IMO 2002:

Moral of the Story:
Never look down on anyone regardless if they achieve or not since it’s evil to do so.

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