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Trinity: Claim or Truth?

Claim versus Truth

Here’s a classic example:

It is not written anywhere in the Bible that the apostles of Jesus acknowledged or called Jesus as God. Also, Lord & God cannot refer to the same person. So we must not either.

They did and one instance of it is found “literally” in the verse below by apostle Thomas as he addresses Jesus as both Lord & God (two titles; “same” person –> note that Christ has Resurrected meaning His “temporal” period of “making Himself lower” by humbling Himself and hence the “Father is greater” is over and He is equal as God —> not that there are two Gods here but that the One God chose to manifest or reveal Himself in these two ways for “many reasons”).

Here’s this verse:

“And Thomas answered and said to Him (Jesus), ‘My Lord and my God;’.” (John 20:28)

Don’t be deceived.
Read both sides of an argument & decide for yourselves which is ‘right’.

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