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Various Paths

Which path do we take?


Truth is, our individual paths “contradict”. Hence, it cannot originate from the One God.


Therefore, recognizing this, we humble ourselves and move on to deciding which path is right. God’s Path is One because He is One and His Truth is One (literally).


We will never be able to find His Path if we live on in the selfish loveless hypotheses which define our prideful individual paths such as those which represent our racism (my race is the greatest), my mom is the best (self based parental worship) or even I’m a god (indulgence of self worship).


Remember, it’s only prideful when one tries very hard to prove that “they” are right (as the case is with various theological errors) but nothing prideful and in fact is Truthful to declare that God’s Path or One Way alone is Right.


We truly do not force. Let everyone make their choice after hearing as much sides on this as possible. One Day everyone will know when they meet God.




When you interpret beyond what’s written, you walk in your own individual path but when you take His Word (the Bible) literally, you walk in His Path because it doesn’t have any contribution of thought from your side (literally True).


Don’t be deceived.

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