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Wolf or Sheep?

Wolves “eat” (metaphor for live off/abuse/use/kill) sheep.

So, we need to examine our hearts seriously and ask ourselves whether we are the “Wolf” (making use of others to benefit ourselves) or the “sheep” (letting ourselves to be “sacrificed” for the good of others).

Deep words from our Blessed Lord in picture.



In any relationship between us & another person, we may analyse our role accordingly as described above by simply asking,

“How much have I gained or given to this person?”

The answer to the question above should direct our actions more toward “What to do next” toward the person in consideration accordingly to fulfill Christ’s Perfect Commands.

*The wolf cares about “its family” so much till it will “devour the sheep” to “feed its own” & the baby wolves worship “its parent as a god”. An Irony indeed (deep thoughts toward an analogy to see “how some people justify their evil earning/Racism/exploiting ways as not wrong when seen from the perspective of the need to provide for their families”).

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