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Math Tuition Class Advertisement – Teacher Jonathan Ramachandran’s New Student Slots Available (18 July 2019)

School Math Home Tuition


Type: At my residence or yours (flexible)


Area: Kajang, Kuala Lumpur (anywhere), Cheras, Semenyih, Bangi.


Preferably: Add Math (Form 4 & 5), Pure Math Form 6/A Levels, IGCSE Math, Math Olympiad Primary or any School General Math (Primary 1 to 6, Secondary 1 to 5 – All Levels).


Rates: Negotiable


About me:


  1. One of the final six to Represent Malaysia to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) at Glasgow, UK in 2002.


  1. Won 2nd Place with full marks at the highest-individual Sulong-category in the Malaysian National Mathematical Olympiad (OMK) 2002.


  1. Won Gold Award in the Global Math Challenge (GMC 2015) in their highest Category securing 8th in World Ranking out of more than 1400 participants.


  1. Bsc. Actuarial Science Degree and plenty of Math Olympiad Coaching & Syllabus based Coaching and Teaching to both Students and Teachers Nationwide.


  1. Featured as an examplary citizen in Math and Career during Hari Merdeka or National Day Special in the Star Newspaper back in 2014.


  1. Coached and Team Leader for Malaysia’s first time participation in both Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO Thailand) and Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) in 2015 with my students winning medals too.


More Details and proof please contact me directly at


Thank you



+6010 – 8803 763

P/S: Dear Friends, please share around with someone who might be interested. Thank you too.



Here’s a more Detailed Description:





1 on 1 Math/Olympiad Primary Class in as few as 1 Class in 1 Month is available for booking now, first come first serve basis!


Class Information:


1) Who can join?


Open to any student in the Primary Level (ages 7 to 12) for Math Olympiad Classes. Math Olympiad classes is not available to Secondary students but one may enrol for Add Maths (Form 4 & 5), Form 6/A Level Pure Maths part only (no Statistics) or plain Math Tuition (Primary 3 to 6 or Form 1 to 5) too.




2) What Language is used in Classes?


All lessons will be taught in English and with some Bahasa Malaysia sometimes.




3) What are the Affordable Tuition Rates?


  1. Math Olympiad Lower Primary – RM 70/hour (ages 7 to 9 based on Calendar Date)


  1. Math Olympiad Upper Primary – RM 100/hour (ages 10 to 12 based on Calendar Date)


iii. General Maths – RM 80/hour (Form 1 to Form 5 or O Levels or IGCSE or Equivalent)


  1. Add Maths – RM 100/hour (Form 4 & Form 5 or IGCSE Add Maths)


  1. Pure Math Form 6 or A Level Pure Math skipping the Statistics Topics – RM 120/hour


*All Rates are NEGOTIABLE


4) Where is the Tuition Location?


All Tuition Classes will be held at my Residence in Sg. Jelok, Kajang in Selangor (I will share location or full address if class is confirmed only).





5) How are the fees collected?


Cash paid by the end of each class/lesson.





6) Who provides the Materials used in lessons?


I provide materials for all Math Olympiad Primary (Lower/Upper) Classes. For School Syllabus Math, the student is entitled to bring along a reference book of choice for lesson. I do not provide any materials for school syllabus tuition, please take note.


My Primary Math Olympiad Materials relate to competitions such as


  1. i) KMC (Kangaroo Math Competition)


  1. ii) AMC (Australian Math Competition)


iii) Others too such as ICAS, IMAS, PMONK, etc.







7) How many classes must one book each month?


A student can book a minimum of 1 class a month for 1 hour. Some may book weekly or fortnightly (2 weeks 1 class).


For Math Olympiad or Competition pursuits, even 1 Class a month can be beneficial as students engage in a Deep Mathematical Experience which is usually not present in the School Syllabus due to a different educational aim there.




8) What is the Benefit of learning Math Olympiad?


It is aimed at students who get good grades in school maths (usually an A) and they pursue competition math which benefits their interests as well as those who do well may end up getting scholarships in the future (as in my case, I obtained the Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship to study Bsc. Actuarial Science at UKM between the years 2003 – 2006).




9) What is the Math Olympiad Syllabus?


Math Olympiad has no Syllabus but has four Major Branches: Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory and Combinatorics. A primary student may need to know algebra and even quadratic equations which is usually taught in Form 4 add maths to sit for certain tougher Primary Math Olympiads.


Please note that you cannot enrol to sit for any Math Olympiad competition through me. A student may learn with me but must enrol through appointed centers or schools only as that’s the General Rule across various Math Competition Organizers.




10) How to Contact me?


Please Call or WhatsApp me at (Teacher Jonathan – mobile phone):


+6010 – 8803 763




11) What are my personal achievements in the Math Olympiad/Competition papers?


  1. By God’s Grace, I was one of the final six to Represent Malaysia to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) at Glasgow, UK in 2002.


Here are some of my personal solution attempts at some IMO-type Problems on my personal blog:




  1. By God’s Mercy, I Won 2nd Place with Full Marks in the Highest Sulong-Individual Category (ages 17 to 19) at the Malaysian National Math Olympiad (OMK) in 2002. The Professor at that time, Prof. Abu Osman remarked that though I got full marks, they can’t award two No. 1-ranking and the other person was chosen because his solution was better though both are correct.


Here are some of my personal solution attempts at some OMK-type Problems on my personal blog:




iii. By God’s Continuing Mercy, I participated in the Global Math Challenge Competition (GMC – online worldwide) and won a Gold Achievement with World Ranking being No. 8 out of about 1400 participants in their highest category.


A Scan or Photo of each claim here is in the attached images for your kind consideration.








12) What are my Math Olympiad Coaching achievements?


  1. National Math Olympiad Coaching – Private


I was invited to Train, Coach and Team Lead Malaysia’s first time participation in the Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO) in Thailand & Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) in 2015. Some of the students I trained personally won medals here (online newspaper links attached in pictures though my name is not explicitly mentioned). I even flew to Sarawak for a few days to train a few students who won some medals (please note that my class for a few days was the first Math Olympiad Training of that Type these students have attended).


Example Links:


– Official AIMO 2015 Thailand Page




– Utusan Online Newspaper Online Link Report




– The Sun Daily Newspaper Online Link Report




  1. National Math Olympiad Coaching – Official


Officially, I have helped coach our Malaysian National Team to the IMO especially during my time at UKM for their ‘Math Camps’. Apart from that, I have coached alongside Mr. Suhaimi Ramly (my childhood friend and head coach for Malaysia for many years) in a variety of Setting Nationwide both in Training Teachers and Students especially via Ardent Educational Consultants.


iii. Coaching Teachers – National Schools


I have been Graciously invited to train Teachers (both primary & secondary) in the Math Olympiad area via ArdentEdu and more recently via Jabatan Pendidikan Melaka via Persatuan Matematik Olimpiad Melaka (as shown in attached images and link below too).




  1. Coaching Teachers – Tamil Schools


I am also involved in training & providing material + consultation to Tamil School teachers from SJKT schools in a non-monetary volunteer manner in Math Olympiad via the Ramanujam Math Circle initiative for the last few years (images attached too). In turn, these teachers train their students who have achieved some good results in Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) mostly.


  1. My Math Olympiad Students


A student of mine recently enrolled in Imperial College of London while another left Malaysia after qualifying for a Pre-Cambridge Preparatory School in UK. My math olympiad students have won not just gold medals but also sometimes overall best in some major primary math Olympiad competition (e. g. KMC, WMO, PMONK, AMC, AMO, SASMO, AIMO, SIMOC). You got to take my word for it (no image attached) because these parents have requested privacy and thus are not willing for me to reveal that their children learned weekly from my Math Olympiad classes & materials for the last few years.




13) My Math Olympiad Teaching Examples


Please note that each Math Olympiad or Competition Problem Solutions presented in my blog entries below are personal solutions which I attempted by myself (and not copied from somewhere) unless stated otherwise.


Some questions are repeated on more than one tag in link below but not all are such.


  1. IMO-type Problems on my personal blog:




  1. OMK-type Problems on my personal blog:




iii. Primary-type Math Olympiad Problems on my personal blog:




  1. Secondary-type Math Olympiad Problems on my personal blog:




  1. General Math-type Math Olympiad Problems on my personal blog:




  1. PMONK-type Math Olympiad Problems on my personal blog:




vii. APMO-type Math Olympiad Problems on my personal blog:




viii. PUZZLE-type Math Olympiad Problems on my personal blog:




  1. Math Olympiad Training or Classes Example on my personal blog:




  1. Ramanujam Math Circle Charitable Initiative via Tamil Foundation for bringing Math Olympiad Exposure & Training to Tamil Schools too on my personal blog:




  1. Example Math Olympiad Training Video to SJKT Teachers (6 hours)




Sorry that this is a long post but my intention is to share in full so that you can make an easier decision to consider this Math Olympiad Classes.




Jonathan (Jon)


WhatsApp or Call: +6010 – 8803 763


Thank you

















































































































































































































Why? – Simple Life to Complicated Life?



“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: …” – apostle Paul (Romans 12:6, NASB)


Some People have expressed concern over my ‘sudden’ Math Tuition Advertisements and Financial Pursuit. Please allow me to explain ‘why’ so that ‘you may understand’ too.



Let’s do it in a Q & A Format:



Question 1


I thought you liked the simple life and low-financial income way. Why the sudden attempt to increase in class and earn more? Isn’t this greed?


Reply 1


Firstly, I am only increasing classes now because there are some debts which I took to help someone else with their debt and hence I intend to both help that person more as well as eventually use the income from the classes to pay of the ‘on behalf’ debt that I took too, God Willing by His Mercy.




Question 2


Why the hurry in helping in someone else’s debt? Why need to borrow from others to do it? Why not slowly settle it?


Reply 2


The story is long but if I didn’t make that move to borrow & pay some amount now, the ‘a bank’ might have foreclosed the property over a legal-exploitative-term-loan taken in times of desperation by a poor-illiterate-disabled-widow-to-be to bear the hospital & funeral costs of a pastor-father-husband-social-worker who fell gravely sick & passed away about 1 year plus ago.


I do understand that financial institutions don’t give a damn about ‘how they obtain a property for it is just business and legal to them’ but ‘it’s neither legal nor acceptable in God’s Eyes as Verses such as the ones below Speak against it and Encourages us to set such financially oppressed ones go free’:


“Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And to let the oppressed go free And break every yoke?” – God Speaks (in Isaiah 58:6, NASB)



Question 3


What will happen if you’re not there or don’t help?


Reply 3


Surely they will lose the house and will become homeless joining others in the streets as such. Not just the person’s daughter but his disabled-widow wife, an abandoned child staying with them and few other orphans/needy children too. Congratulations to the Financial Success of the Rural Bank if this happens as they exploited the poor’s previously fully paid house for less than 10% of borrowing amount in regards to the value of the house. Oh ya, not forgetting the brilliant financial gain/profit attained by the Bank’s Employees in making a margin of more than 200% or more if they latter sell this confiscated property to others at a profitable price giving ‘nothing’ to the ‘poor original owner’s family’ as per the ‘legal contract signed’. Yes, life is so fair and the poor are lazy here & deserve it while the rich are so ‘hardworking’ in ‘gaining that profit in this way’ (yes, I am being sarcastic here).



Question 4


So, did you solve it?


Reply 4


Far from it but at least some progress is made. I don’t have the financial capability to fully solve it now as I already exhausted my funds first before borrowing. Also, time will tell as to whether my frail attempt with God’s Mercy wins or will the bank win. The Great attempts of my friends who borrowed are Greatly Appreciated (you know who you are – I will Vouch for you in the afterlife if can, here too, God Willing). The result does not count in the end as Lord Jesus Christ explained that God Judges Giving Perfectly in that a poor widow who gave away two coins only (which probably can’t even buy anything much for the poor) gave the most in His Perfect Eyes and Judgment (Luke 21:1 – 4).



Question 5


Isn’t it plain stupid to give up all or almost all of one’s wealth for Love?


Reply 5


“Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it; If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, It would be utterly despised.” – king Solomon, the Wisest man/king who ever lived except for Christ (Song of Songs 8:7, NASB)


The Bible never condemns it as ‘there is no Law against Love’ and it’s just ‘how far toward Perfection we can attempt in any small way’ (Please read Matthew 5, the Chapter on the Perfect Commands of God & you will see such a Context Clearly ‘as it is Written’).





Regardless of the Outcome, I will try my best and my Motivation is both that Special Person and more so Each Bible Verse Quoted and attempts to fulfill even a little of it be it imperfectly by God’s Grace. Attached in Image are some written Recommendations (explanation in it) regarding my Past Employments by ‘Big Names’ in that ‘Area/Arena’ in regards to ‘My Job Performance’ which I quote here so that you know that I chose the Path to a ‘Simple Life’ because I like it though I excelled ‘Financially & Work-wise in the past’ Letting Go of it but now am willing to re-enter the ‘Complicated Life’ for a ‘Greater Cause which is beyond me as Explained’.



P/S: The Context of the Quoted Verse Prior is Spiritual Gifts but it may be Quoted in Principle (or Analogy) to other Gifts in which we benefit our fellow Mankind as well in Love & with no hypocrisy:


Here’s that Verse in Full:


“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: if prophecy, according to the proportion of his faith; if service, in his serving; or he who teaches, in his teaching; or he who exhorts, in his exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.” – apostle Paul (Romans 12:6 – 9 ,NASB)



‘Judge everything based on what you give and not based on what you receive and everything will be more clear in the Context of God’s Love’



Peace to you















1) HSBC Amanah Takaful Call Centre – 2010 – 1 to 2 months







I actually ‘absconded’ from this Work Place working as a ‘Call Center Executive with HSBC Amanah Takaful’ at that time because I didn’t like the job at all giving me stress. Hehehe.

But yet, when I worked there, I gave my best and in return the ‘Encouraging note in image’ was given to me by the Vice President of that Segment I worked for (I can’t remember the Lady Boss’ Name.



















2) Schlumberger – Mr. Andrew Lambourne – 2006 to 2010








During my Time in Schlumberger Oilfield Services’ Western Geco Wing, I earned the most financially but I didn’t like Geophysics Seismic Data Processing at all.

So the stress built up inside of me and though I was promoted twice in less than 3 years (started as Grade 8 Engineer and was a Grade 10 Engineer by the time I left), I knew that this career is not for me as I love Mathematics Teaching & Humanitarian Works (if possible) much more.

For example, during my time with Desa Amal Jireh (DAJ) Charity, apart from some of my students getting ‘A’ for some of the subjects which they learned under my coaching, during their fundraising in Dec 2013’s Jumble Sale, I was in charge of the Sports Section which gave its highest Fund Raising Amount to Date at that time.

So, I had an episode of stress which cased some psychological check (a usual thing in such jobs actually though not openly spoken about) from which I decided to resign.

The Email in Image is a Reply from a Top Schlumberger Global Level Manager for Field Seismic Engineers at that time (after I recovered to work from that Psychological Check) to my ‘concerned dad’ (who found it hard that I’m planning to leave Schlumberger’s Well Paying Income-Job) explaining a little of my ‘Work ability & performance level whilst I am there’.

So kind was Mr. Andie (as we call him) that he offered me to try Working in the KL Schlumberger Office first (which I did for some months) but I still chose to quit anyway for the aforementioned reason.








3) Mr. Suhaimi Ramly – 2014 to Present








Anyone in the Math Olympiad Circle in Malaysia will recognize Mr. Suhaimi Ramly (a multiple OMK full mark winner & IMO Bronze Medalist, MIT Graduate) and Malaysia’s Head Coach to the IMO Team for many recent years.

Surprisingly, we knew each other when we were students itself (he being a year older to me) via Math Olympiad Initiatives in the Past and lost contact for years after he went overseas to study at MIT (yes, the Real Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

At that time, I was working at Sekolah Seri Suria (REAL Schools’ National Wing) and was asked to handle the Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) initiative at the school there.I was surprised and immediately recognized his name on the ‘Certificate & Invitation Letter itself’.

So, I got in Contact with him and was delighted that he remembered me well after all these years. He invited me to his office and the rest is history (he is the reason who Graciously Opened the Doors for me to Return to the Math Olympiad Coaching & Training without which I would not have achieved thus far).

He is very humble in person and does not like to speak about himself and that’s why I am writing about him in some detail here. It is he who recommended me personally to the STAR Journalist for the Merdeka Day Special in which I was featured in 2014 where the Interview Candidate was originally him. He doesn’t like publicity and recommended a way lower candidate which is me. So great is his self sacrifice and humility and I am thankful. Therefore his words of encouragement in image I treasure the most.

May God Bless him abundantly.










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